Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lifting on my day off

I took time off today (and tomorrow!) but still went for a 6 AM workout. It was a little tough because I ended up not going to sleep till 11:30, thinking too much and writing about motivation and drive and how that relates to why I mountain bike/run/Crossfit, hopefully I will have it written out and published here in the next day or so.  But for today, I focused on strength training:
60 lbs 5 reps
70 lbs 5 reps
80 lbs 5 reps
I spaced the reps out at 80 lbs so I could maintain good form, it felt pretty good.  I can feel myself getting better and squatting all the way down and getting up without tilting forward!
115 lbs 5 reps
135 lbs 5 reps
150 lbs 10 reps
These actually felt good today and I focused on using my legs to pull the weight up and kept a really firm grip on the bar since when I go heavier, I tend to lose my grip.  It seemed to work and I got out 10 quality reps at 150 lbs.  I might have been able to do more but since my back has been sore for over a week now, I am being cautious.  I did check and the last time I did 150 lbs, I did 11 reps so either I need to push myself to do more or just keep maintaining. It's debatable, if I tried more reps, I know I could do them but I don't see the point of doing an excessive amount of reps for deadlifts since it will fry your central nervous system.  I think I will keep targeting 10-11 reps in week 1 of a cycle (this week, 85% capacity) and then 7-9 reps in week 2 (90% capacity) and then 5-6 reps in week 3 when I am working at 95% capacity.  This works for deadlifts and back squats, but not for presses and cleans.  The presses are the hardest for me so I either have to dial back the weights or settle for less reps, I'm thinking I might have to dial back the weights again!  The cleans are technically more difficult and I am happy to just do a few reps and work on my form so I won't be doing high reps anytime soon. 

Then onto MTB strength training, the abbreviated version:
Double kettlebell swings 2x26 lbs! This was interesting and little challenging.
Toes-to-bars 4 repsx2
Kettlebell clean and press 25 lbs
I hope to get to the single leg squats and dumbbell rows later today or tomorrow.


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