Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Burpees(!!!!) and deadlifts at 6AM

I was a little tired but managed to make it to the 6AM class today. I thought my legs felt a bit tired during the stretching but I felt pretty good doing this WOD. 
On the minute:
5 bar facing burpees (do a burpee, jump over the bar, do another burpee, repeat)
As many deadlifts as possible 95 lbs
Rest two minutes
Repeat for a total of  6 rounds
Deadlifting 95 lbs is not hard anymore for me and I managed to belt out 18-23 reps per round for a total of 125 deadlifts.  I think I might have been able to go heavier but at 95 lbs I was able to keep a good fast pace and maintain excellent form.  Of course, we'll see how sore my lower back is tonight :).  I am icing it right now as a preemptive measure.  Sometimes it surprises me how 6 minutes of work can take so much out of you but it's also amazingly effective in getting fit!  There is a good article in Lift Big Eat Big that goes over conditioning exercises for fat blasting better than I can and I recommend reading it!  There is also a pretty hot picture of a famous Russian lifter that I admire just for his skill in lifting (okay, so I admire his physique too).  The caption is funny- since many powerlifters and even Olympic lifters don't look like they are "cut", this is not the case for Klokov (Strong + abs = deal with it).  I will never have magnificent abs unless I learn to abstain from bread and sugar!  But for now I'm okay having soft abs, being able to eat ice cream and being happy since I think most people who are on restrictive diets for a LONG time are not particularly happy.  Who knows, maybe when I can deadlift twice my weight, back squat my body weight for 10 reps, press my bodyweight and clean and jerk my body weight, the abs will catch up!


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Love me some burpees!

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