Friday, August 16, 2013

Bike and WOD

I made it to Rocky Road last night and it was as awesome as always- it never disappoints me to ride this trail.  It's like instant happiness the minute I'm out there. Some climbs were still hard and I fell trying to get over a log at the top of a hill but I had a great time and it took us 1:11 to finish, 1:06 wheel turn time.  So if I shave off taking breaks and go a little faster on the downhills and flats, there is a 90% chance I could finish this trail in under an hour!

And this morning's WOD was high intensity intervals:
Row 1 minute for calories
Rest 1 minute
13 rounds
I burned 203 calories, BC burned 321 calories! He has the advantage of being over 6' tall and can pull for longer.  I realized that if I just pulled slightly more to get a longer stroke, I could up my calories and it made a real difference. Something to remember to improve my rowing efficiency.

There was some not so healthy eating yesterday! I had a cupcake that had a questionable amount of dye in the frosting, a fruit tart at lunch and a Haagen Daz ice cream bar. I think I went overboard on the sweets even though I lifted and went mountain biking.  I have to remind myself to only eat 1 sweet per day if at all!


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