Sunday, August 4, 2013

Best mountain biking weekend ever

I started off my weekend with a bike ride on Friday. It was supposed to be a night ride at Lake Crabtree park but that got cancelled due to the park manager being sick and no one able to keep the park open late.  So instead, I orchestrated riding with several different people and by the time we met up at the trail head, there was 9 of us riding!  It was a good group and we started off on 286 at a really fast pace.  I was dropped when I decided to go ride in the little ravine which took a little longer to navigate than the ride-around.  The rest of the group waited up for me but started to get concerned when minutes passed by and I still hadn't reached them at the creek. I guess I didn't realize it but I slowed down considerably when I didn't see anyone in front of me to chase down.  After that it wasn't so bad and I managed to be withing 1 minute of the group (they'd regroup at certain intersections).  It was a great ride despite the muddy spots and the place where my bike slid in the mud, going sideways and falling on my left side into the mud.  The only good thing about falling in mud is that you don't get hurt, you just get very dirty. Overall I think we did about 12-13 miles. 

Saturday was drier than Friday but I ended up going to San Lee which was still pretty wet from the rains they had in the past week. Every rock and every root was slick.  I didn't crash but I was feeling pretty tired (maybe from the 286 ride?) so I opted out of the Gauntlet and Free Fall. We covered about 9-10 miles and chanced upon the trail builder at the Bouldergeist section.  He was putting Clorox on the boulders to get rid of the slippery green algae that had covered it.  He gave me some tips on how to handle the sharp turn right after Bouldergeist.  I was a little too chicken to try it when it was so slick but I will the next time I'm there (basically he said take the inner line down the rock and only use your rear brake and be ready to use both brakes once you get all the way down so you don't run into the creek).  It was a good ride but I kept feeling hungry/like I had low blood glucose so I ended up snacking twice! And this was after already eating a good breakfast and a chicken wrap sandwich.  Sometimes I don't understand my own metabolism and what I need to be charged up for a bike ride.

Sunday turned out to be totally different from Friday and Saturday.  I started riding at 8:30 AM with a badass friend who usually clears Rocky Road in sub-45 minutes (my best time was 1:08!).  He was nice enough to hang with me for this ride.  The trail had the slickest roots since it had rained the previous night!  I slid out about 10 times and fell twice. The first fall was the hardest and I have a few scratches to show for it and discovered a bruise on my shin when I got home. Oh well, Rocky road both gives and takes. The actual trail was in surprisingly good condition despite all the rain- no muddy spots and no worn out sections so I didn't feel guilty about riding on "wet trails".  I ended up having a hard time on every off-camber log/root catching my back tire and sliding out.  It made for a very different kind of ride! I realized I should have been lifting my back wheel up over these obstacles instead of just letting it roll but didn't so much realize that until the ride was over.  After we did Rocky Road, we did an out and back on Old Reedy Creek Rd through Umstead and garnered another 12 miles for a total of 18 miles.  And the whole time, I was not hungry and did not eat anything and felt really good.  I did end up drinking my entire 70 oz of water by the time the ride was over but that was expected.  So I did 18 miles on the trails plus another 4 miles getting there and back from home.  So my total mileage for the weekend was 46 miles!  And from my very easy ride on Tuesday, that makes a grand total of 51 miles for this week. It was a pretty good weekend, I got to ride my 3 favorite trails!


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