Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to Normal aka running and biking

LTK: Burger and sweet potato fries with a small side of cole slaw
Mango stir fried rice
I did manage to run on Wednesday while I was in Boston and got in 3 miles but the next morning my quads were sore and my knee hurt a little bit. So Thursday, I walked another 6 miles total and Friday about 3 miles.  Food wise: more LTK for lunch and my last meal in Boston was at a Thai Vegan restaurant. Yes, a vegan restaurant, I still can't believe I went there but I was open to trying something new so I had fake shrimp (tofu) in a mango stir fried rice and some kind of lemongrass curry.  It was all right but I think in the future, I will stick to places that serve real meat and seafood.

"shrimp" curry
Thai iced bubble tea
286 trails have Character!
New bridge! Old, scary bridge sitting on the left.

Saturday was more fun, I went mountain biking and got in 14.5 miles on the 286 trails near home.  It felt so good to be on my bike again! I was afraid that after not riding for over 8 days, I'd suck but it turned out all right.  No crashes, felt energetic and had excellent weather for a bike ride.

Umstead Park at 7:30AM, only the strong are awake and ready to run!
Sunday I woke up early and went for a run with Lisa on Company Mill, we only got 5.5 miles so I will need to do more this week to add more mileage in.  I rested a bit and then did a bike ride at Rocky Road, about 6 miles in 1:10 minutes.  It felt much faster but maybe that's because the weather was cooler and I was feeling stronger.  It's nice to be home again and back in my regular routine.  I feel like without the routine, I lost some of my motivation and also my ability to make good decisions about what to eat!  Now that I'm home, I've cooked some healthy meals and have a good food plan for the rest of the week.  I also am looking forward to weight lifting tomorrow and getting another run in.  I need to get my exercise fixes on a regular basis!


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