Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feeling good about my lifting progress

On the days I just do strength work, I'll still stretch and warmup with the group at Forged Fitness.  And I really liked today's warmup:
10 slamballs 20 lbs
10 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
10 1 arm/1 leg dumbbell press 20 lbs
two rounds, the 1 arm/1 leg press was tough!  Pressing with only on one side balanced was a challenge and again, I could feel that my right side was more stable than my left.  It is definitely a more nuanced experience at the gym when Jason is teaching since he is always thinking of things to challenge us. 
After that it was onto my strength training:
67 lbs 5 reps
80 lbs 3 reps
85 lbs 2 reps
90 lbs 2 reps
The prescribed Rx was 70-80-90 but when I went from 80 lbs to 90 lbs, I was not getting the bar up (and I was giving up too early).  So I dropped back to 85 lbs to build my confidence and I belted out two good reps and then tried the 90 lbs again.  The first rep wasn't pretty but I got it done and the second rep was more confidence building!  I put the video (below) in Coach's Eye and Jason showed me that I was bending my elbows WAY too early and I kind of dropped into the squat and let the weight carry me (instead of controlling the downward movement into the squat) but those are the little things I need to work on to get better.  I'm so happy that I did 90 lbs and did it pretty well.  Now I can keep on working on it and build up my confidence to get to 100 lbs!

Then it was Deadlifts:
135 lbs 5 reps
150 lbs 3 reps
170 lbs 7 reps
Pretty good on my deadlifts and this time I used the mixed grip on the last set since I start losing my grip when I go heavier, the mixed grip seems to work for longer.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bike, WOD, run

Tuesday night was the girls mtb ride at Crabtree. And I got to share it with Lisa on her second time out there.  It was a mellow ride, maybe 5 miles and I rode my singlespeed.  I am definitely learning how to ride with a beginner and the cues they need to have fun mountain biking.  Lisa did great and it was interesting to see how different the experience is when you are still new at the sport. 

Wednesday morning I did the WOD at Forged Fitness:
21 burpee pullups (I did a burpee, got on a box and jumped up to do a pullup!)
21 power clean and jerk 65 lbs
Run 400M
15 burpee pullups (I did a burpee, got on a box and jumped up to do a pullup!)
15 power clean and jerk 65 lbs
Run 400M
9 burpee pullups (I did a burpee, got on a box and jumped up to do a pullup!)
9 power clean and jerk 65 lbs
Time: 20:33
It was a tough WOD but I think I could have done it with 75 lbs, I'm still not confident in my ability to handle heavier weights but I think in a few more months I should ramp up if my technique is good.

After work, I did hill repeats in Umstead with Lisa and Edward. It felt pretty good but my Garmin was dead so I didn't actually measure how fast I was going.  We ended up doing 5 laps (0.20 miles per lap).  The shorter runs and intervals feel pretty good but I need to work on my longer distances! And I keep coming up with excuses to not run longer distances.   Tomorrow is shoe shopping for some shoes that have more stability, every time I've run for longer, my calves hurt and I slow down because my feet feel tender, especially on the trails.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Back Squats, Presses and Tabata

I bailed on working out yesterday. Inertia set in and I did nothing!  And I almost didn't make it in this morning to the gym but I managed to get there and did some good work:
Back Squats
80 lbs 5 reps
90 lbs 3 reps
100 lbs 6 reps
I think I had one more rep in me but I could feel my form starting to suck (and if you watch the video, you can see this).  Still I am at 100 lbs and it felt good and I felt confident.  Really slowly but surely I'm getting stronger.
Military presses:
55 lbs 5 reps
60 lbs 3 reps
70 lbs 3 reps
First time I think I've been able to do 3 reps at 70 lbs!
After the strength workout, I joined in the Tabata mini-WOD that everyone was doing (I skipped the deadlifts in lieu of back squats and presses):
Situps - I got 9 reps for all 8 rounds
Row for calories - I got 5 calories the first round and then downgraded to 4 calories, we've got some strong people here, I can't believe they got 8-9 calories in 20 seconds of rowing!

Here is the video of my back squats, I already asked Jason and he said my first rep was perfect and then my 3rd and last rep I wasn't getting my hips under fast enough, I'm not sure what that means but I'll be practicing again on Thursday:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to Normal aka running and biking

LTK: Burger and sweet potato fries with a small side of cole slaw
Mango stir fried rice
I did manage to run on Wednesday while I was in Boston and got in 3 miles but the next morning my quads were sore and my knee hurt a little bit. So Thursday, I walked another 6 miles total and Friday about 3 miles.  Food wise: more LTK for lunch and my last meal in Boston was at a Thai Vegan restaurant. Yes, a vegan restaurant, I still can't believe I went there but I was open to trying something new so I had fake shrimp (tofu) in a mango stir fried rice and some kind of lemongrass curry.  It was all right but I think in the future, I will stick to places that serve real meat and seafood.

"shrimp" curry
Thai iced bubble tea
286 trails have Character!
New bridge! Old, scary bridge sitting on the left.

Saturday was more fun, I went mountain biking and got in 14.5 miles on the 286 trails near home.  It felt so good to be on my bike again! I was afraid that after not riding for over 8 days, I'd suck but it turned out all right.  No crashes, felt energetic and had excellent weather for a bike ride.

Umstead Park at 7:30AM, only the strong are awake and ready to run!
Sunday I woke up early and went for a run with Lisa on Company Mill, we only got 5.5 miles so I will need to do more this week to add more mileage in.  I rested a bit and then did a bike ride at Rocky Road, about 6 miles in 1:10 minutes.  It felt much faster but maybe that's because the weather was cooler and I was feeling stronger.  It's nice to be home again and back in my regular routine.  I feel like without the routine, I lost some of my motivation and also my ability to make good decisions about what to eat!  Now that I'm home, I've cooked some healthy meals and have a good food plan for the rest of the week.  I also am looking forward to weight lifting tomorrow and getting another run in.  I need to get my exercise fixes on a regular basis!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Food, More Walking

DI ended up not doing much "exercise" since my 3/4 WOD on Sunday. The only form of exercise I did manage was to go walking and I have discovered that I don't walk enough because my lower legs/ankles actually got sore from all the walking I've been doing!  I walked about 4 miles on Sunday, 3 miles Monday and 9 miles on Tuesday.  I loved all the walking around downtown Boston but my legs hurt now.  Who knew walking was so tough?  I hope I have the motivation and energy to get to the gym tomorrow and do a run, cross your fingers.
As for eating, it's been fun.  I went to the Legal Test Kitchen (LTK) and had lettuce beef wraps and Chettinand spiced scallops with arugula and grilled watermelon!  I really enjoyed eating the grilled watermelon and it was a good combination of flavors. Today was just a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and then I walked all the way from the financial district to Newbury st to get some JP Licks ice cream, however, there was no more JP Licks! It must have moved and so I settled for Emack and Bolio's Cosmic Crunch (vanilla ice cream with toffee, nuts, and chocolate chips). Pretty good ice cream and I walked 2 miles after I finished it.  I also went to my favorite Italian restaurant - The Daily Catch, a hole in the wall with seating for 12 people, no AC, but perfect food.  I had the seared tuna (sorry no pictures) with a salad.  It was a big piece of tuna.  It's been a feast eating in Boston but I'm ready to go back home and eat my own food. I miss chai. 

Legal Test Kitchen: hot rolls with a white bean dip

Grilled scallops, grilled watermelon, arugula
Beef lettuce wraps
A ginormous whoopie pie $1.95

Sunday, August 18, 2013

3/4 of Angie and a Sunday walk

Yesterday was pretty bad, motivation was low, my right kneecap hurt (either I went to fast on those intervals on Wednesday or the pavement was just too rough my knees), and was too tired to work out.  Today, I was feeling lazy and didn't want to run this morning but I checked out and saw that the WOD was Angie (100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats). I thought, I can do that, all except the pullups, so I did 3/4 of Angie:
100 pushups (on my knees)
100 situps
100 squats
time 17:18
I feel better now that I did something and the pushups actually felt good- I belted out 30 before I needed to take a break and stretch!  I walked quite a bit today and pre and post dinner I walked around the Boston Common and racked up 3.5 miles.  I have a good idea of where to run now so I'll shoot for a long run tomorrow.  Eating pretty well today: chicken with Chinese broccoli and fresh shrimp spring rolls.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eating WOD

Best t-shirt I've seen lately that relates to Mtn biking - see below!  

I didn't workout today but did eat well lately. Sushi (tornado tuna roll smothered in scallops and some other good stuff) and Korean bibimbab.  And the good old East Coast summer special: Friendly's watermelon roll (watermelon and lemon sherbet with chocolate chips!).  The watermelon roll is like crack and the only Friendly's product I will eat.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bike and WOD

I made it to Rocky Road last night and it was as awesome as always- it never disappoints me to ride this trail.  It's like instant happiness the minute I'm out there. Some climbs were still hard and I fell trying to get over a log at the top of a hill but I had a great time and it took us 1:11 to finish, 1:06 wheel turn time.  So if I shave off taking breaks and go a little faster on the downhills and flats, there is a 90% chance I could finish this trail in under an hour!

And this morning's WOD was high intensity intervals:
Row 1 minute for calories
Rest 1 minute
13 rounds
I burned 203 calories, BC burned 321 calories! He has the advantage of being over 6' tall and can pull for longer.  I realized that if I just pulled slightly more to get a longer stroke, I could up my calories and it made a real difference. Something to remember to improve my rowing efficiency.

There was some not so healthy eating yesterday! I had a cupcake that had a questionable amount of dye in the frosting, a fruit tart at lunch and a Haagen Daz ice cream bar. I think I went overboard on the sweets even though I lifted and went mountain biking.  I have to remind myself to only eat 1 sweet per day if at all!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deadlifts and Cleans

Last night i got serious about running since I realized I only have 10 weeks till my marathon!!! I found a track close to home and did 4x800M intervals with a 400M walk in between each interval.  I ran about an 8:30-8:40 pace for each interval which means I will probably finish the marathon in 4:47.  Sounds like fun.  

I went to gym in the morning and saw that the WOD looked pretty hard, and since I want to bike tonight, I did my strength training.  
67 lbs 3 reps
75 lbs 3 reps
85 lbs 5 reps
My cleans aren't pretty and I don't pull high up enough- I need more practice!
120 lbs 3 reps
140 lbs 3 reps
160 lbs 9 reps
The deads were good today, I just need to work on my grip.
Then Mtb training:
Double kettlebell swings 2x26lbs
Toes to bars
Clean and press 25 lbs
Front squats 45 lbs

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday WOD

I decided to do the WOD today and hold off on strength training till tomorrow or Friday (will depend on how I feel and what the WOD is!).  And today's WOD was long and hard:
Run 400M
Farmers walk 100M, holding 2x35 lb dumbbells
20 Wall balls 12 lb ball
20 Hand release pushups
20 Kettlebell Swings 30 lbs
20 Goblet squats with 30 lb kettlebell
4 rounds
Time: forever
My arms are kind of sore now and I definitely pushed it as hard as I could.  This was an all cardio workout, I am just hoping I don't get too sore from all the squats!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Burpees(!!!!) and deadlifts at 6AM

I was a little tired but managed to make it to the 6AM class today. I thought my legs felt a bit tired during the stretching but I felt pretty good doing this WOD. 
On the minute:
5 bar facing burpees (do a burpee, jump over the bar, do another burpee, repeat)
As many deadlifts as possible 95 lbs
Rest two minutes
Repeat for a total of  6 rounds
Deadlifting 95 lbs is not hard anymore for me and I managed to belt out 18-23 reps per round for a total of 125 deadlifts.  I think I might have been able to go heavier but at 95 lbs I was able to keep a good fast pace and maintain excellent form.  Of course, we'll see how sore my lower back is tonight :).  I am icing it right now as a preemptive measure.  Sometimes it surprises me how 6 minutes of work can take so much out of you but it's also amazingly effective in getting fit!  There is a good article in Lift Big Eat Big that goes over conditioning exercises for fat blasting better than I can and I recommend reading it!  There is also a pretty hot picture of a famous Russian lifter that I admire just for his skill in lifting (okay, so I admire his physique too).  The caption is funny- since many powerlifters and even Olympic lifters don't look like they are "cut", this is not the case for Klokov (Strong + abs = deal with it).  I will never have magnificent abs unless I learn to abstain from bread and sugar!  But for now I'm okay having soft abs, being able to eat ice cream and being happy since I think most people who are on restrictive diets for a LONG time are not particularly happy.  Who knows, maybe when I can deadlift twice my weight, back squat my body weight for 10 reps, press my bodyweight and clean and jerk my body weight, the abs will catch up!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Lite Weekend and Monday strength work

I ended up not doing anything on Friday even though I had the day off and the opportunity to work out, I felt like resting and eating a Dairy Queen blizzard (which is not as good as Goodberrys!).  I did manage to get out on Saturday and run a solid 6 miles on the greenway and then did a 3 mile walk with my mom so I felt pretty good about that.  My 6 miles was slow ~ 11:30 min/mile pace but at least I didn't have to walk any of it.  On Sunday I got out to Harris Lake for some mountain biking and put in a good pace and ended up being Queen of the Mountain for one segment of the trail on Strava!  It doesn't mean much because once fall comes around someone else will beat my time and I will lose my place on the leaderboard.  And the pace and time seems to depend on whether there is a lot of leaf coverage and sun so I'm not too concerned about where I stand.  It was a good ride and I was happier after I finished since I hadn't biked since Tuesday.  I think I'm going into withdrawal when I don't get to bike for 3+ days.  So next week will be hard when I won't be around any bikes!  I am hoping to find a good gym and get my strength work done though.  My motivation is at an all time high for strength work, it's been going much better and this Monday was great!
I did my presses:
50 lbs 3 reps
60 lbs 3 reps
65 lbs 8 reps! The last one was a struggle but I did it and it felt pretty good, here is hoping next week follows the same trend.
Then Back Squats:
75 lbs 3 reps
85 lbs 3 reps
95 lbs 8 reps
Here, I did 1 more rep at 95 lbs from 3 weeks ago. I might have been able to squeeze out one more but I think my form was going on the 8th rep.
Then I worked on my mtb strength training:
kettlebell push presses 2x26 lbs
Windmills 20 lb kettlebell
Deadlifts 135 lbs
Bench press 75 lbs
Glute Bridges
Upright row 30 lb dumbbell
Handstand press
I stopped there and didn't do my run.  Still felt like I accomplished a lot for a Monday!
As for food, my mom made kabobs this weekend, and I have been eating many since then, with fresh naan and homegrown tomatoes.  Pretty healthy!

5lbs beef makes a lot of chapli kabobs

You can't make kabobs without a lot of oil!

Kabobs go with everything: sweet potato fries, corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes from the garden

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lifting on my day off

I took time off today (and tomorrow!) but still went for a 6 AM workout. It was a little tough because I ended up not going to sleep till 11:30, thinking too much and writing about motivation and drive and how that relates to why I mountain bike/run/Crossfit, hopefully I will have it written out and published here in the next day or so.  But for today, I focused on strength training:
60 lbs 5 reps
70 lbs 5 reps
80 lbs 5 reps
I spaced the reps out at 80 lbs so I could maintain good form, it felt pretty good.  I can feel myself getting better and squatting all the way down and getting up without tilting forward!
115 lbs 5 reps
135 lbs 5 reps
150 lbs 10 reps
These actually felt good today and I focused on using my legs to pull the weight up and kept a really firm grip on the bar since when I go heavier, I tend to lose my grip.  It seemed to work and I got out 10 quality reps at 150 lbs.  I might have been able to do more but since my back has been sore for over a week now, I am being cautious.  I did check and the last time I did 150 lbs, I did 11 reps so either I need to push myself to do more or just keep maintaining. It's debatable, if I tried more reps, I know I could do them but I don't see the point of doing an excessive amount of reps for deadlifts since it will fry your central nervous system.  I think I will keep targeting 10-11 reps in week 1 of a cycle (this week, 85% capacity) and then 7-9 reps in week 2 (90% capacity) and then 5-6 reps in week 3 when I am working at 95% capacity.  This works for deadlifts and back squats, but not for presses and cleans.  The presses are the hardest for me so I either have to dial back the weights or settle for less reps, I'm thinking I might have to dial back the weights again!  The cleans are technically more difficult and I am happy to just do a few reps and work on my form so I won't be doing high reps anytime soon. 

Then onto MTB strength training, the abbreviated version:
Double kettlebell swings 2x26 lbs! This was interesting and little challenging.
Toes-to-bars 4 repsx2
Kettlebell clean and press 25 lbs
I hope to get to the single leg squats and dumbbell rows later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday WOD and Run

Well, I was supposed to lift weights today but my legs felt a bit sore from all the squats so I decided to push it off till tomorrow. Instead I did the WOD today:
Run 800M
50 Good mornings 33 lbs
50 abmat situps
3 rounds
A long time: 26:20
It doesn't matter how hard I try,  I can only do situps at one rate and it's a slow rate :)

The leg soreness increased as the day went by and by the time work was over, my legs were officially sore.  I still met up with Lisa and Edward for our Wednesday run. This time, I decided we would just shoot for flat 1/4 mile intervals.  I thought there was a track at the Cary middle school in our neighborhood, unfortunately it was only half a track and the rest was just a grassy field, still, we made it work and did a 1/4 mile loop.  We did 6 intervals with a 2 minute rest in between, here are my numbers:

TimePace (min/mile)

Lisa was much faster and Edward was faster but he faded with each interval.  This is the first week where I have actually run twice already and plan to run another two times so I'm hoping with the increase in mileage and intensity, I can pick up my pace.  It's time to get serious since it's August and an early November marathon is not going to be pleasant if I don't start training right!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday WOD

I felt very good this morning and ready to work out. We ended up doing some presses before a short WOD and I stuck with a weight that is technically above 60% of my max (which I think is around 72-75 lbs):
Military press 5 sets of 3 reps:
55 lbs for all 5 sets

then a mini-WOD
As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes
10 Front Squats 55 lbs (I kept my back straight and did not pitch forward coming up)
150 Singles (still can't do double unders!)
I did 5 rounds plus 10 squats and 20 singles, that is a total of 60 fronts squats at 55 lbs!

I wonder how sore my legs are going to be by 7 pm tonight.  It feels so so good to be able to do back squats yesterday and do front squats today.  I might have been able to go a bit heavier but I think my form would have gone to shit if I had tried something heavier.  

Favorite 3 pm snack: Greek yogurt with mixed berries, I think this is what helped me through my workout yesterday.

I'm usually tired by the time Monday comes around but that didn't happen today. Maybe it was all the ice cream I ate yesterday for recovery!  I'm still trying to figure out what helps in recovery (or better yet accelerated, fast recovery) and I've been trying to eat right immediately after a hard workout (a good protein shake made with whey protein, coconut milk and a banana/raspberries).  Since my lower back was sore the entire weekend, I also spent time stretching on Saturday and Sunday and using the foam roller.  Maybe it was all those things that gave me the energy to work out today:
First up was the military press:
Since I've been struggling with the press, I dialed back the weights:
45 lbs 5 reps easy
55 lbs 5 reps easy
60 lbs 7 reps, struggled on the 6th and 7th rep
I will eventually figure out how to do heavy presses, but eventually is a long time away.
Then back squats, which are actually enjoyable now!
70 lbs 5 reps
80 lbs 5 reps
90 lbs 9 reps (1 rep more since 3 weeks ago)
Then it was onto my MTB strength training program, I'm on Cycle 5 of 7 and week 2 of Cycle 5:
Kettlebell push press 2x26 lbs
Windmills 20 lb kettlebell
Deadlifts 135 lbs
Bench press 75 lbs (felt better than last week!)
Marching glute bridge (hard)
3 point row 30 lb dumbbell!
Handstand press

After all of that, I headed out for a 3 mile run around Forged Fitness. My first road run in ages. I managed an 11:20 min/mile pace and felt pretty good. I actually ran the whole time and didn't feel like I was too tired and did not have the low glucose feeling.  Then I went home, had a protein shake and a mahi mahi burger with sweet potato fries. I'm going to use the foam roller to finish off my workout and sleep well tonight. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Best mountain biking weekend ever

I started off my weekend with a bike ride on Friday. It was supposed to be a night ride at Lake Crabtree park but that got cancelled due to the park manager being sick and no one able to keep the park open late.  So instead, I orchestrated riding with several different people and by the time we met up at the trail head, there was 9 of us riding!  It was a good group and we started off on 286 at a really fast pace.  I was dropped when I decided to go ride in the little ravine which took a little longer to navigate than the ride-around.  The rest of the group waited up for me but started to get concerned when minutes passed by and I still hadn't reached them at the creek. I guess I didn't realize it but I slowed down considerably when I didn't see anyone in front of me to chase down.  After that it wasn't so bad and I managed to be withing 1 minute of the group (they'd regroup at certain intersections).  It was a great ride despite the muddy spots and the place where my bike slid in the mud, going sideways and falling on my left side into the mud.  The only good thing about falling in mud is that you don't get hurt, you just get very dirty. Overall I think we did about 12-13 miles. 

Saturday was drier than Friday but I ended up going to San Lee which was still pretty wet from the rains they had in the past week. Every rock and every root was slick.  I didn't crash but I was feeling pretty tired (maybe from the 286 ride?) so I opted out of the Gauntlet and Free Fall. We covered about 9-10 miles and chanced upon the trail builder at the Bouldergeist section.  He was putting Clorox on the boulders to get rid of the slippery green algae that had covered it.  He gave me some tips on how to handle the sharp turn right after Bouldergeist.  I was a little too chicken to try it when it was so slick but I will the next time I'm there (basically he said take the inner line down the rock and only use your rear brake and be ready to use both brakes once you get all the way down so you don't run into the creek).  It was a good ride but I kept feeling hungry/like I had low blood glucose so I ended up snacking twice! And this was after already eating a good breakfast and a chicken wrap sandwich.  Sometimes I don't understand my own metabolism and what I need to be charged up for a bike ride.

Sunday turned out to be totally different from Friday and Saturday.  I started riding at 8:30 AM with a badass friend who usually clears Rocky Road in sub-45 minutes (my best time was 1:08!).  He was nice enough to hang with me for this ride.  The trail had the slickest roots since it had rained the previous night!  I slid out about 10 times and fell twice. The first fall was the hardest and I have a few scratches to show for it and discovered a bruise on my shin when I got home. Oh well, Rocky road both gives and takes. The actual trail was in surprisingly good condition despite all the rain- no muddy spots and no worn out sections so I didn't feel guilty about riding on "wet trails".  I ended up having a hard time on every off-camber log/root catching my back tire and sliding out.  It made for a very different kind of ride! I realized I should have been lifting my back wheel up over these obstacles instead of just letting it roll but didn't so much realize that until the ride was over.  After we did Rocky Road, we did an out and back on Old Reedy Creek Rd through Umstead and garnered another 12 miles for a total of 18 miles.  And the whole time, I was not hungry and did not eat anything and felt really good.  I did end up drinking my entire 70 oz of water by the time the ride was over but that was expected.  So I did 18 miles on the trails plus another 4 miles getting there and back from home.  So my total mileage for the weekend was 46 miles!  And from my very easy ride on Tuesday, that makes a grand total of 51 miles for this week. It was a pretty good weekend, I got to ride my 3 favorite trails!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lifting weights and eating well

It's only been one week but I like this routine of doing strength work on Wednesdays and Fridays and Crossfit WODs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Today I worked on:
67 lbs 5 reps
75 lbs 3 reps
85 lbs 5 reps, these were broken up, not done in quick succession since I still need to think about moving correctly.  Jason was there today so I got a lot of feedback on what I was doing inefficiently (like pulling with arms, not dropping fast enough, not getting enough power once the bar goes past my knees).  I like doing cleans, they take a certain amount of skill and finesse and when I get it perfectly, it feels wonderful!
135 lbs 5 reps
145 lbs 3 reps
165 lbs 7 reps
At 165 lbs, this felt a bit hard today but they were solid reps.
Afterward, Jason had me doing Clean Pulls at 115 lbs. (just getting the bar off the floor and up to my waist using my legs and shrugging my shoulders with no bending the arms):
I did 3 sets of 5 reps and this was hard but good to feel how 115 lbs felt in my hands for a Clean movement.  I've got a long way to go before I can fully clean 115 lbs, it felt pretty heavy and I was not pulling enough and definitely need to use my legs more.
Then I worked on my mtb strength training:
Kettlebell snatches 26 lbs
Toes-to bars, I was supposed to do V- ups but I couldn't get my shins to touch the bar
Kettlebell clean and press 20 lbs
Front Squats 75 lbs
Here again, I got critiqued on my front squants. When I get up from the bottom position, I tend to pitch forward.  Jason made me hold the bar in the crook of my elbows and do a front squat. Well, you can't pitch forward at all when the bar is hooked inside your elbows without falling over so this forces you to maintain a straight back. It was harder but I supposed I need to do this to get my form right. He also said I should go to a lower weight to get the form right.  I keep trying to hurry up and go heavier even though I'm not ready!
Overall, a good strength day for me.  Since I did all that hard work, I had 3 eggs scrambled with onions, brocolli and a healthy dose pepper jack cheese:

Breakfast of Champions!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A fast WOD

Today was a WOD that could have gone really long but didn't because he let us break up the thrusters and pull-ups as a mix:

Every minute on the minute (EMOM) do 3 burpees and a total of
45 thrusters 57 lbs (I was going to try 63 lbs but I suck at fully squatting when we have to do so many reps)
45 pull-ups
Time 11:30
The first two minutes I did thrusters and got up to 21 thrusters then I alternated between pull-ups and thrusters to reach 45 total reps for each.  And at 11:30, this means I also did 33 burpees! Short but good workout to start my day.