Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend riding and a short run

The rain finally stopped and some of the trails got to dry out so I devoted my weekend to biking.  It almost didn't happen though because after not riding for 4 days, and doing home improvement stuff instead, I was tired and unmotivated.  I was pretty much a slug all day Friday until I asked John to go for a ride at 5 pm to get myself out of the inertia I had settled into.  So we met at 5 pm and took on Rocky Road and it was great.  I don't think I've had a "bad" Rocky Road ride this entire year and despite still not being able to make some of the climbs and getting over some of the extra large logs (especially that damn one that is in the middle of a very steep slippery hill), it's still an awesome place to bike.  I took some video of me making it up a tree root step that used to give me trouble- in the past, I would bike up all the way to the right next to the tree and just pedal up but I finally figured out how to lift my front wheel up and get over the actual root.  It doesn't seem like much on the video and really in person, it's not that big either but it used to look 3 feet tall to me!

Saturday we rode the trails at Beaverdam.  The trails were in pretty good shape with only a few muddy spots.  This is one of the few trails in the Triangle where you have to pay to play ($6 per car and even if you bike in, you still have to pay $6!) but it's a great trail system and a little more opportunity for climbing.  All the Rocky Road rides have paid off though because not once did I try to look at the markers on the trail that tell you how much trail you have left to go.  On the South Loop, I used to start counting down once we reached the 420 marker (the end is 438) and on Saturday I didn't do that.  I felt strong at the 420 marker, and still felt strong when we finished South Loop.  And another first for me, I made it up the little rock garden hill on the South Loop, in the past, I couldn't even make it up halfway on this thing.  I definitely think I'm getting better on little rock gardens.  Overall, I think we got in about 11-12 miles.

Sunday, I did a short 4 mile run on the greenway behind my house.  My legs were feeling a bit tired and I wasn't up for a trail run.  And later that morning, I took the singlespeed out for a ride at Lake Crabtree.  We did about 8-10 miles and I was spent.  My legs felt really tired by the end of the ride and I didn't have any energy to do another lap.  Part of it was singlespeeding which makes me expend more effort and part of it was just getting tired from all the riding and work I did this past week.  Afterward, I used the foam roller to massage my quads, hamstrings and IT band and did a lot of stretching.  I don't use the foam roller enough and I have to remind myself to get on it to help recovery.  All in all, a good weekend and I can't wait for the next one!


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