Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tuesday WOD and bike ride

Tuesday was productive, we did a 20-minute WOD where you try to get as many rounds as you can in the 20 minutes:
10 pushups
15 bent over rows 55 lbs
20 weighted situps 20 lb dumbbell
I did 8 rounds plus 5 pushups.  The hardest part was the bent over rows, I could do 10 perfectly and then struggled on the last 5 but I didn't want to drop the weight!  It's kinda cool when I can actually do the weight prescribed (for women) and feel like it didn't tear me up.  Today was that day.  So I feel like I'm getting stronger but I also am having little setbacks- by not getting in my mtb strength training and having one week of "bad eating" that has spiraled into "bad eating" in the week after and the repercussions were FAST.  I think I gained 2 lbs of fat just by eating homemade naan and going to Goodberrys with my mother 3 times while she was here!  And now it's hard to get back into the swing of eating healthy with just being overly busy and pre-occupied and traveling.  Although I loved the Snowshoe downhill weekend, I didn't adequately prepare for eating there and ended up buying sandwiches (bread) and pizza (more bread), it's really hard to be somewhat Paleo (more meat and vegetables, less processed carbs) outside of home and I know I have to be proactive and for the most part make my own meals.  I went out and bought the right things to eat and will get back on track.

After work, I did my regular Tuesday night bike ride with the ladies at Lake Crabtree and we had the best attendance ever this year! There were 13 of us riding the trails and it was awesome.  It was also even more awesome because I finally fixed my speedometer and got to see how much mileage we did and the speed at which we did it.  Now I have to see if I can find some dropoffs to practice on!

Wednesday, 7/17, I did absolutely nothing for working out so this will be my second rest day.  It doesn't feel like much of a rest day because I have been running around and am currently stuck in an airport waiting for my 3 hour delayed flight.  I regret not working out on Monday though because I'm going to miss my opportunity to do squats and presses tomorrow and will have to bump it to Friday or the weekend.  And the weekend is all about biking so I better get it done on Friday.


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