Saturday, July 20, 2013

Singletrack riding and popcorn

This week has been messed up because I had to go out of town on Wednesday and ended up having a really, really delayed flight that left me getting home at 3 AM.  Which meant I had 3 hours of poor sleep and unable to function very well on Thursday.  So much so that I bailed on my bike ride on Thursday and couldn't do a WOD on Friday morning.  I did manage to get to Rocky Road on Friday night and it felt like a really slow ride but it took me 3 minutes longer than normal so really not that bad!  I still haven't caught up on my sleep but am feeling better.  On Saturday I rode 286 and tried the lunge technique going over some small dropoffs and it felt a lot better than rolling over them.  I still felt tired and it was hard but that could be because of the heat, the humidity, the lack of sleep and a not so great diet this week.

My friend got me hooked on Angie's Sweet and Salty popcorn and I found that Costco carries this in an extra-large bag size so it hasn't been doing much good for my nutrition!  My dear friend,  75% of that bag is waiting for you now, I can't control myself so I'm just saving it for you now.  On the flip side, I'm no longer eating Sport Jelly Beans or Cliff shot Bloks during my runs or bike rides.  I switched over to half of a whole wheat tortilla with almond butter, so far this has been pretty good for 2+ hour bike rides and I hope to make Allen Lim's rice cakes again for even longer rides.  I'm trying to eat snacks that have less sugar in them since I think my blood sugar is getting a little out of whack.  Things to focus on this upcoming week- back to strength training and running.   Wish me luck!
Tomorrow will be another bike ride because really, when it's this beautiful (yes even in hot July), I have to get out there on my bike. 


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