Friday, July 5, 2013

Running and single leg squats

Fourth of July was all about legs.  Lisa, Ed, and I did hill repeats while my mom did a very long walk through Umstead.  My hill repeats were terrible! That is what I get for slacking off on the running and being sore from the dumbbell cleans the day before:


hill repeats4/25/20135/29/20136/5/20136/19/20137/4/2013
Lap 101:54.102:02.801:53.001:55.702:03.4
Lap 201:52.701:55.401:57.201:59.702:05.9
Lap 301:47.401:49.101:51.302:03.902:14.2
Lap 402:03.301:45.701:50.801:56.802:18.1
Lap 502:08.1

I try to remind myself that I got out there and now I have to get serious about the running or this whole marathon thing in November is not going to be pleasant.  Part of that training is getting more strength in my legs and that leads to single leg squats.  We attempted some after the run and it's still pretty tough. I need to work on the progression to get below parallel.  Eventually it would be nice to be able to do pistol squats (ass to grass) but I'd be happy with just getting below parallel and back up for a few reps!

Not making it here!


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