Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WOD and Bike

I rested on Monday and was feeling pretty sore from all the back squats on Saturday. Some soreness was still there this morning and I really felt it during the WOD:
Run 400M
20 overhead lunges (15 lb plate held over head) 15 power cleans 75 lbs
15 burpees
4 rounds
I almost regretted doing 75 lbs since it took a lot of effort but I am glad I didn't reduce the weight. Doing 75 lbs in a WOD now feels better than it did last year. I don't make leaps and bounds in my training but I can now see little differences and know that I am improving and getting stronger. After work, I went on my weekly Tuesday night bike ride with the girls and since Crabtree was closed (still too wet from the storms), we did a spin around Umstead. I think we covered about 16 miles and it was at a good clip since everyone who showed up was an intermediate rider (no beginners today). It's nice to have that kind of ride with people who go at your pace and are happy to push it.


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