Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend adventures

I had a good weekend of rock climbing, running and Mtn biking.  On Friday night, I went to the Triangle Rock Club for some top roping with friends.  Lucky for me, Monica and Alix were patient enough to show me how to belay again and I am again confident in my belaying abilities.  I did  five 5.7+/- climbs which was way more than I expected to do.  Every other time I've been there I quit at 3 or 4 because I get tired and my arms get all pumped.  It was fun, more fun than I expected.  Afterward we attempted pull-ups, kettlebell swings and toes to bars in the little gym there.  

Saturday morning was running Company Mill and it just sucked.  I had no energy and had my slowest time ever- 1:15 for 5.5 miles.  Lisa and Edward did much better than me and both had a good run.  I did get to meet a fellow mountain biker on this run though so that was great because we talked about how fun mountain biking is and which trails to go on.  Later that day, I biked Crabtree and did two things I haven't been able to do:  a mini rock garden on Loop 1 and the rock ledge on loop 3.  I'm hoping to try both  again tonight.  
Sunday was supposed to be a ride at Carolina North Forest (CNF), but it was closed due to rain so we rode 286 instead.   That trail keeps getting longer and longer.  Much fun but I was sweating buckets due to the high humidity.  All in all a pretty great weekend of getting outside and out of my comfort zone (climbing).  

Food wise- I've been pretty good and made a new meal last night of cabbage, potatoes, and angus beef chuck steak. 
Now I need to lift some heavy weights to balance all the cardio.


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