I wasn't planning on doing a WOD this morning but I felt like I wasn't ready for an intense lifting session so I ended up doing the WOD and then some:
25 burpees
25 weighted situps 20 lb dumbbell
15 push presses 45 lb bar
4 rounds
I think on a normal day I could have done 65 lbs for the push press but I'm still feeling tired from the blood donation and sore from all those knees to elbows yesterday!
Afterward, I worked on my back squats:
3 reps @65 lbs
3 reps @75 lbs
9 reps @85 lbs
Despite knowing my shoulders were fried, I still forged ahead on the military press:
3 reps @55 lbs
3 reps @60 lbs
1 rep @70 lbs, it was all I could do to squeeze out one rep (was shooting for 3+)
I'm definitely going to have to attemp the press again when I am completely fresh and the back squat deserves another round too because I think I should be able to at least hit 10-12 reps at 85 lbs.
After work, I got back into running hill repeats, we did 4 repeats at Umstead and my times were poor compared to the last 2 times.  I am not sure if I just wasn't pushing myself, or if I really was that slow because of giving blood on Monday.  I guess I will have to try again next week and see if my performance changes.  


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