Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trail work, biking and more biking

I had a great weekend and spent a lot of it in the woods.  First up on Saturday morning, I volunteered to do some trail maintenance at Lake Crabtree park which meant walking around all the singletrack trails and lopping off branches and plants that were encroaching on the trail.  We did this for about three hours and managed to get most of the trails in the park cleaned up (~8 miles?).  Then I refueled with lunch and went out again to meet one of the women from my Tuesday night rides for a leisurely ride at 286.  Leisurely because she had never been on the trail and although she was technically very good, she didn't have the stamina to really hammer the trail.  It was still fun though and we got about 10-11 miles done. I might have been able to have gone a little faster but my legs were still sore from the back squats on Friday, I was glad to take it easy!

Rock Nest Monster? Can't remember the name of this rock section
Twin Peaks
Sunday was a two-fer: first a ride at Harris Lake and getting to see people on their bikes doing the half-Ironman Raleigh (it took a good 10 minutes before we could get into the park because of all the bike traffic on the road).  We did about 9 miles at Harris Lake at a good clip, saw the cool new features there (I didn't take a picture!)  and had a good time.  It was a little hot and little humid so I was sweating A LOT but still had a great time.  I changed my clothes and we headed off for lunch- burger and fries! Not the most super healthy but it's hard to find good food close to Harris Lake.  Then we headed out again for our second ride that day- at San Lee Park.  We covered all the trail there except for the 1 mile of Free Fall (big rock garden) and got 10 miles singletrack.  The trail there is still awesome and still challenging.

And that is not all I did, I ended the day mowing the grass and doing some weeding in my backyard and planting more flowers.  I think the weeding will take forever but I'm trying to do it in chunks and hopefully I will be able to keep up.  Pretty good weekend of low intensity work and high intensity mountain biking. 

Unfortunately, even with signs like this, I saw 4 people who did not wear helmets!


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