Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday run and bike

After all that rain, it was hot and humid making for a very sweaty run and bike on Sunday. I ran 5.5 miles of Company Mill at Umstead Park in the morning (8 am start time!) and then ate lunch and biked the bridle trails at Umstead for a 16 mile loop. The running and biking were at a so-so pace, I think I still am pretty slow running but I need to keep at it if I want to do another marathon in the fall. The biking felt better today on the two climbs (Reedy Creek Lake trail, Cemetery Hill) but my average pace did not seem to change much from previous Umstead rides. The Cedar Ridge Trail road was completely closed off due to the massive amounts of water in the creek. Even the ride on the greenway to get to the park was different because so much dirt and sand washed up on the greenway (on parts not even close to the water) and the section to get to the park was closed off due to the water levels being high. I ended up having to re-route and go through my old apartment complex and onto the road to make it into the park. And it rained again last night which means the trails will probably never dry and I will have to learn how to road bike or start rock climbing again! I'm sore from the SOS workout and am going to use Monday as a rest day. So my only activities will be foam rolling and stretching.


xxliChi said...

Yes, we have to get back on climbing! We may do a yoga class too :)!

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