This week has been pretty light as far as workouts go. Monday was a Rest day, Tuesday I didn't get up in time to go to the gym in the morning and then had a bike ride at Crabtree in the afternoon. The bike ride was fun but not strenuous at all because I was on a new bike- a Specialized Comp FSR 29er! I finally see the difference between 29" wheels versus 26" wheels because on a smooth trail like Crabtree, it took no effort to just fly through the woods on that 29er. I didn't sweat, I didn't breathe hard. I might have been able to go even faster if I didn't brake or wait for the girls I was riding with! It was a revelation but I am not yet at the point that I want a new bike. I think I'll keep working hard on my little 26" wheels and have fun there. Wednesday also turned out to be a rest day since again I was too sleepy to get up in time and although I intended to go to the gym after work, severe thunderstorms prevented me (I think laziness also had a hand though).

Thursday- back in action. I did a good chunk of strength/skills work this morning:
Snatches 6-6-6-6-6-6
I started off with 33 lbs- 44-55 lbs. I think my form is getting better but still not fully developed for a full squat snatch with 55 lbs (or at least I didn't have the confidence today).
Then Cleans 3-3-3
63 lbs- 68 lbs- 75 lbs
Rested a bit and did my deadlifts:
115 lbs @ 3 reps
135 lbs @ 3 reps
150 lbs @ 11 reps

It felt really good to be able to do 150 lbs with over 10 reps since this was a huge challenge last year- even towards the end of the year when my back was all healed up. I just have to stick with this program on a weekly basis to keep my back strong. More rain in the forecast tonight so I probably won't be able to bike but we shall see.


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