I took Monday off as a Rest day and am glad I did since my legs were feeling wiped out from all the biking on the weekend.  Tuesday I was back at the gym and did this:
Run 800M then
Reps 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
Thrusters 56 lbs (front squat to push press)
Chest to bar pullups (still with a band, struggling to get my chest to bar)
Time 22:20

This got tough by the time I had to do 5 reps and the pullups felt harder than the thrusters, probably because I used a doable weight for the thrusters and was trying hard to get my chest to the bar on the pullups.  I did feel better about my thrusters though, I did a full squat every time and felt pretty strong. 
Afterward, I worked on my mountain bike strength training program:
Uni kettlebell snatch 20 lbs
Renegade rows 25 lbs (hard, you get in a pushup position with arms straight and row the dumbbell driving your elbow back)
One-leg squats (I used the bench, 18" height, and tried to just squat enough to get my butt to touch the bench and come back up, I hope to keep progressing till I can do this with a 12" box)
Handstand press (more like just a handstand but I did try to press down and up)
Kettlebell front squats 45 lbs! I felt strong here.
Dumbbell shoulder press 20 lbs, I tried 25 lbs but couldn't do it, I think because of all the pullups earlier.

And that's not all!  I went biking after work, all the girls bailed on the Tuesday night ride so I made my own singletrack adventure on 286 and it was pretty damn awesome.  I did about 11 miles of the trail in 1 hour 40 minutes and that was with one crash.  The crash didn't hurt and was actually a little funny because I fell onto a big branch and used it to catch myself only to completely crack it from the log it was attached to.  I have a little blemish on my forearm now but I would say that I pretty much beat the crap out of that branch.  Mountain biking is so much fun! 


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