Sunday, June 30, 2013

Playing all weekend

Friday did not end with a WOD/strength training. After work, I went for another bike ride on Rocky Road. Yes! Two days in a row I hit this trail and it still was pretty tough but am glad I got out there because it started pouring rain around 6:30 pm and I knew it was going to be too wet to ride on Saturday.  So I had a good bike ride and then showered, had a protein/raspberry smoothie and then went to Triangle Rock Club for some top-rope climbing.  I only managed to make 3 climbs though because a) I was already tired from my earlier activities b) I belayed quite a few people.  We also practiced our toes-to-bar, bench pressed 95 lbs and struggled to do a pull-up.  Friday was a whopper of a day and I can't believe I actually packed in all of it: a WOD (run), biking, weight lifting and climbing.

Of course, this meant that Saturday morning I woke up a bit tired but I still went on my 5.5 mile run on Company Mill at Umstead- slightly better than last week, I finished it in 1:12 minutes, so I shaved off 3 minutes from my time.  After that, I showered and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours. I guess it was a much needed nap and restoration.  Afterward I ate a late lunch consisting of a chicken rice bowl from Chipotle and then I mowed the lawn and weeded.  Weeding doesn't seem to end but for some reason I find it peaceful and satisfying.  My goal is to take care of the lawn and garden as organically as I can so it's a lot of manual labor and an imperfect (but acceptable) lawn.

Sunday- I finally got out to Angler's Ridge in Danville, VA.  This mountain bike trail system now has 33 miles of trail!  We did about ~13-14 miles of it and it was tough.  Lots of steep climbs, some ridgeline riding and nice switchbacks.  I will definitely be going back there to eventually do the entire 33 miles but today was not that day.  My legs still were a bit tired from Friday and I think in the future I'm going to try and do my heavy squats on a Monday/Tuesday so I'm recovered in time for weekend bike riding.  It was a pretty great weekend and I am so glad I get to have this much fun.

The newest trail: Hidden Hollow Loop

One view from the trail, there was a lot of climbing


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