Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday WOD and some biking

Yesterday I was able to get out and mountain bike on Rocky Road.  The weather was looking iffy for a while but it was nice and sunny when I started so I took my chances since thunderstorms are in the forecast for today and Saturday.  And I'm glad I did, because I didn't get rained on and finished my ride.  It was a very solitary ride, I saw one runner on the trail, one deer, and many squirrels.  One punk ass squirrel even got in front of my wheel and started galloping on the singletrack in front of me! I asked him to move aside otherwise I was going to plow right into him.  I've never seen this happen before, it was surreal, usually the squirrels will just dash across the trail in front of me but this little guy was just racing ahead of me.  It was super humid and I had hard time making many of the steep climbs but it's all good.  I think it took me 1:15 to finish ~6 miles. 

This morning was a Sufferfest:
Run 1 mile (10:23)
Row 2000M (9:45)
100 double unders (I did 300 singles, didn't look at the clock)
100 situps
Time 28:31

The best thing about the jump rope part was I did it unbroken - 300 singles without tripping up the rope once.  The situps took forever and my abs will be sore tomorrow. 

Afterward, I worked on my strength program:
Military Press
55 lbs @5 reps
65 lbs @3 reps
70 lbs @4 reps!
I was happy to get 4 reps since 70 lbs has been giving me trouble.  The trick for me was to get set and make my body rigid and just pump them out without pausing much in between reps, the 4th rep was a struggle but I got it.
Back Squats:
70 lbs @5 reps
80 lbs @3 reps
90 lbs @6 reps
The 5th and 6th rep were tough at 90 lbs and I think my form could have been a little better- I seem to pause mid-way up.  I took video and it doesn't look bad but I think I need someone who actually knows what they are doing to look at it and tell me if I could have done anything differently/better.


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