Monday, June 17, 2013

A Biking and Yardwork Weekend

San Lee Twin Peaks
I started my weekend on Friday with a mountain bike ride at Rocky Road and a shorter loop at 286- I think total mileage was 16-17 miles. RR was more challenging than usual because of some giant trees that fell from the storm last week, and since we had to stop several times to bypass or move trees/branches, we weren't getting our usual workout.  However, this did make some climbs that I normally can't do easier and I was able to finally make it up two hills that I never could before and I had several witnesses!  286 was similar- the pace was faster but two areas had washouts and a bridge had disappeared in the storm.  It was good Friday ride and I was tired by the time we were done. So tired that I decided Saturday was a rest day.  But I did a pretty low-intensity workout of gardening/mowing/weeding for four hours on Saturday.  And that was enough! Oddly enough (or maybe not to those who do yardwork), my lower back hurt a lot from all the weeding and was sore for a couple hours after I was done.

I got my energy back on Sunday and had a pretty awesome day of biking- first at San Lee and then at Governor's Creek for a total of 17 miles. Both San Lee and Governor's Creek had trees down so again there was some throw your bike over the tree and climb over to keep on the singletrack.  It was still an amazing day to bike- the weather was perfect, not too humid, and a cool breeze was going.  It really helps to start early though!  The only part that sucked was when a big fat piece of wood got caught up in my bike and flew directly into my left shin- so that is a little sore now. Other than that- no crashes!  I have to say that I much prefer biking where there are no crowds, it was pretty cool to have the trails all to ourselves and we only saw 1-2 other bikers out there.

So no running this past week- which means I definitely need to get back on it this week, I'm hoping Wednesday and Saturday will workl


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