Last week kind of sucked because I felt awful up until Thursday, I didn't feel energetic and I couldn't catch my breath- two signs that I overtrained the week before. So I rested a lot last week, didn't run at all and only went to Forged Fitness once.  I think the rest paid off because I was able to do a long bike ride on Friday and I attempted another bike ride on Saturday but got rained on halfway through so I only did about 6.5 miles of 286.  It was still fun, I just wish I had started out earlier.  I think when rain is the forecast, I'm going to have to adjust and beat the rain by riding much earlier in the day.  Sunday was the same story, I attempted a bike ride and got poured on before I did much actual riding.  I did manage to get some more strength work done this weekend since my legs weren't spent from riding:
65lbs 5 reps
70 lbs 5 reps
75 lbs 7 reps
105 lbs 5 reps
120 lbs 5 reps
140 lbs 9 reps (I think I had one more in me but I'm not working to failure).
That felt pretty good and I am not sore from the workout.  And since it is still pouring today, I went to the gym this morning and had the pleasure of getting coached by Jason but no one else showed up!  It was one of those days again where I was the only person working out at 6 AM.
Monday WOD:
Row 800M (since it was raining)
Toes to bars
Sumo deadlift high pulls 63 lbs (highest weight I've done in a WOD for this)
21-15-12-9 reps
Row 400M
Time: 19:35
Good stuff.   With the all the rain in the forecast, I think biking is going to be minimal this week :(


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