I was too sore from the Tuesday WOD and end up taking Wednesday as my rest day.  I was still sore in my legs today but made it to the gym for this WOD:
Clean and Jerk Ladder
1st minute: 1 clean & jerk
2nd minute: 2 and so on until you can't finish the reps in the 1 minute allotment
I got to 9 minutes and couldn't finish all 9 and then worked backwards and reduced reps every minute to go back to 1 rep (17 minutes).  I ended up doing 80 reps @65 lbs!  The neat thing was that until I got to 7 reps, I was doing 1 rep every 5 seconds, much faster than expected.  I considered doing 75 lbs but I think would have struggled and it would have been tough.

After work, I went for an Umstead bike ride since all the singletrack was muddy from the persistent rain we have been having the last few days.  It was a good ride, we did the two "challenging" hills and ended up getting 20 miles total @10 mph.  This also meant I ate well today! I've realized that I haven't been eating enough of the right foods (not enough carbs, not enough protein). I made it a point to eat extra carbs the night before a Crossfit workout or a bike ride and I can definitely feel myself being more energetic and hitting the gym and the rides harder with the extra energy I have.  The only time I fall off the track is when I indulge in too many sweets and not enough healthy carbs but I'm getting there.


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