Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grappler Circuit

After yesterday's sumo deadlift high pulls, I had a tough time with today's workout, especially on the upright rows and presses:
10 Bent over row
10 upright row
10 shoulder press
10 good mornings
10 split squats (left and right each 10)
10 thrusters
10 stiff leg deadlifts
1 minute rest
6 rounds
Time 32:48
I did  this with the 45 lb bar and by the 2nd round, my shoulders were burning from the upright rows and the presses.  Even trying to hold the bar on my upper back for the good mornings burned my arms because I felt like the blood was draining from them from holding the bar for so long. I had to put the bar down in the 3rd round (and this continued through the rest of the rounds!) and take a break.   My first round took 4 minutes exactly and each round thereafter kept adding 30 seconds!  I was glad I could do it with the 45 lb bar but it was hard, really hard and I even thought of quitting after 4 rounds but I didn't because it's even harder to quit when there are people around you and you know that your name on the board is going to say "4 rounds".   That's okay for people who haven't been coming to the gym regularly but that isn't me.   So I pulled through and finished it.  I don't think I'm going to be able to do presses again until Thursday/Friday though.  I wasn't even up for squats after this workout so that will have to happen tomorrow.


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