I managed to get off of work a little bit early and decided this was going to be the day I ride both the Rocky Road and 286 trails.  I started off with John on Rocky Road and we finished it in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I wasn't trying to push it too hard since I wanted to have enough gas to get through 286 also but the great thing was after we were done, I didn't feel exhausted or spent.  I felt like I could have gone back and done another lap of Rocky Road!  That was a good feeling.  I think since February I've ridden this trail about 10-12 times now and the efforts are being rewarded now.  I still have to push sometimes but Rocky Road no longer defeats me :)

After Rocky Road, we got off the trail and John left so I could have my ride time with the girls.  I had to wait about 30 minutes but in that time, I refueld with an oven-roasted chicken sandwich (packed away in my Hydrapak!) and puttered around on my bike up and down Old Reedy Creek until the girls showed up.  The point of the second half of my ride was to introduce 286 to one woman (Heather) I met on the Tuesday night ride.  She rides a Kona singlespeed and kept talking about how she hasn't been mountain biking much but she did awesome! I found out during the ride that she does normally ride a lot on the streets and used to be a bike courier so it makes sense that her bike handling skills would be good and her endurance was all right.  So Heather riding a singlespeed in 286 was a little humbling for me, I figured if she could do it without ever being on 286, I should be able to take a stab at riding singlespeed there also.  I do know that some of the hills will be hard though.  I also got Trina and Karen to tag along and it was a great ride for the four of us.  We didn't have time to do the whole trail (it keeps getting longer and longer as they add more sections) but we did a decent 11 miles.  It was pretty awesome: 6.5 miles (RR), 11 miles (286) and 4 miles (greenway) = 21.5 miles on a Friday.


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