Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday biking and getting stronger

I cut out of work early on Friday to go biking and have lunch out. My big mistake was having lunch at Chubby Tacos and ordering the very spicy carne Asada taco and a spicy barbacoa taco. Although it was delicious, it came to haunt me two hours later on the trail trying to bike Rocky Road. My stomach felt like it was burning and then it felt like heartburn but I kept riding and by the time we finished Rocky Road, I was feeling better. I ate half a tortilla with almond butter before hitting the 286 trails and felt pretty good during this part of the ride. We ended up getting ~17 miles of trail plus I got 2 miles of greenway riding. We didn't finish all of 286 (left about 3 miles out) but I can feel that my endurance is improving and I was not spent after the ride.

Saturday morning I worked on my strength program:
55 lbs 3 reps
65 lbs 3 reps
75 lbs 4 reps
I think I had a little more in me but felt a bit unsteady on the last set so I quit while I felt good, then I did:
115 lbs 3 reps
130 lbs 3 reps
145 lbs 8 reps
I did much better on the deadlifts!


Anonymous said...

sorry about the tacos :( wanna do it again? :) happy birthday, have a good visit with your folks!

bigpathan said...

It's okay, I should have known better- I've made the same mistake with Indian food and trying to do a WOD after!

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