Our Tuesday night ride was modified because the singletrack was too wet/muddy from all the rain. So we rode Umstead instead which never closes and has dirt road trails that are rideable even after a lot of rain.  This still meant we got a little muddy in some wet spots on Cedar Ridge but it was still a good ride and we got about ~17 miles + I got 4 more miles of greenway to get back home.  It was a leisurely paced ride but I did try to accelerate on the hills instead shifting into the granny gear and just spinning. 
I meant to get up early on Wednesday and go to the gym to do my squats and mountain bike strength training but sleep won out and I didn't do anything this morning.  I did however make it to another bike ride, this time at Briar Chapel,  after work and it was really fun.  The ride was sponsored by Performance Bicycle and was led by Sonya Looney.  I ended going in the "middle" group and what was really nice was that Sonya waited and didn't try to go with the really fast group. And since I was wearing my Fruita jersery we talked a little bit about the trails in Colorado (where she lives) and how the riding was different here.  Briar Chapel trails are sort of beginner/intermediate trails and we finished the ride in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.  After the ride was over, Performance Bike had sandwiches and drinks for us and Sonya gave a talk about what it was like being an endurance racer and working for Topeak/Ergon.  I'd say the most interesting things she said about biking was:
1. she loves riding because it means being out in the mountains
2. she does yoga regularly which has helped her to alleviate knee and back problems
3. she doesn't do any protein drinks but does recommend eating something immediately after a ride
4. she runs 20-25 psi in her tubeless tires (I've been doing 30 psi and I think I need to try something lower!)
5. She's been racing for 9 years and she didn't start mountain biking until she turned 20
6. She recommends getting your own torque wrench to make sure everything is tightened up correctly on your bike (I need to buy one)
7. She gets to travel around the world doing races with a Topeak/Ergon sponsorship and she works for Ergon- she is living her dream. 
Sonya Looney has a lot going for her and was extremely personable which helps to make her the face of Ergon.  I'm really glad I made the hike out to Briar Chapel (a good 45 minute drive from where I live), it was a great ride and great presentation/Q&A session by Sonya.  And afterward they had a raffle and I won a pair of cool pink socks.  Good times biking.


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