Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back at Forged Fitness

Last week was crazy and I haven't had time to even put my thoughts down much less post my routine.  But I did workout 3 times while away and will duly record it this week.  But for now, I am back at Forged Fitness (both Monday and Tuesday) and had two tough workouts.

On Monday we (actually only I since I was the only one at the 6 AM class) did this:
3 min AMRAP with 1 min rest in between for 5 rounds:
5 pull ups (band-assisted)
7 burpees (yay!)
9 Kettlebell swings 26 lbs
I ended up doing a total of 12 rounds plus 7 burpees,  I thought the 1 minute rest in between would be enough to recharge but I was out of breath the whole time.  It was like being a boxer in a fight when it's just such a high intensity and you go, go, go.

Today (Tuesday), we had another challenging workout:
10 presses
10 overhead squats
20 push presses
25 front squats
30 push jerks
35 back squats
I used a 57 lb bar and the most difficult was the overhead squats.  It took me 11:44 to finish. I wanted to try 63 lbs but I think I would have flopped on the overhead squats.  This kind of workout always inspires me to get out to my basement gym and just lift more for practice! Fun stuff, everyone should do it!


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