Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday run, bike and WOD

I had a productive Tuesday but it did wear me out a bit. First was the 6 AM WOD:
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks
All at 75 lbs, 5 rounds
I thought this was going to be a medium hard workout but it turned out to be a really hard workout! Even the deadlifts started to feel heavy by the 2nd round. My hang cleans show my weakness in the pull to get the bar up but it was useful to practice this 45 times and figure out how to use my hips and legs to get the bar moving. The only problem is that I still manage to hit the bar against my collarbone to make it red on one side (see picture below)! It doesn't seem to hurt when I'm doing it and I only noticed when I got home and look at myself in the mirror :)

At lunchtime, I did some earbud heart rate monitoring testing and ran about 1.5 miles on the treadmill at varying speeds in 8 minute intervals. And after work I went on the Ride Like a girl mountain bike ride at Lake Crabtree. I got there early and practice the manual (coaster wheelie) and switchbacks in the parking lot using my speed cones.  It was fun getting 7 women to try switchbacks and practice wheelies.  It should turn out to be a weekly thing and a good way for me to practice my drills in biking!  The ride itself was pretty low key- I led the slower/beginner group which I'm liking more now because it gives me a chance to explain things and help them get their technique down instead of just racing through Crabtree. I figure I can save my hard rides for later in the week.

Catching the bar at my collarbone

Lunch eats: grass-fed ground beef with collards! I liked it even better with a little pepper jack cheese.


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