Saturday was a road trip out to the Winston-Salem area to camp and climb at Pilot Mountain. I decided to head out earlier to check out some of the MTb trails close by: Moore's Spring trails in Willow Cove, NC. The trails were pretty cool- I only did the farm side because I wasn't sure if the 2 mile of trail across the road was open. These trails were "intermediate" level, with a lot of ridge line riding and a couple of sketchy bridges and rock gardens. This trail once again proved that I need to work on my turning/ switchbacks. I just get this feeling I'm going to fall off my bike going on a downhill tight turn. I didn't actually fall but I did blow it on two of the turns.  It was still fun and different from my local trails since the climbs are much longer and the terrain a little different.  Plus I saw only two other people out there the whole time which made for a very quiet ride in the mountains.  After  I finished riding, I headed to Pilot Mountain and set up camp with friends.  We grilled chicken and hot dogs on the charcoal grill and boiled rice and channa masala on a propane stove.  And then we made delicious S'mores on the grill. It was a really good Saturday.

Sunday morning, I lugged the climbing rope for them and hiked about 2 miles around Pilot Mountain before heading back home while my friends set up for climbing at Pilot.  Once I got home, I went to a mountain biking meeting which is definitely not as much fun as actual mountain biking but they fed us well (Mellow Mushroom Holy Shitake pizza) and we got caught up on the club activities and what new work needs to be done.  Afterward, we did actually go on a mountain bike ride- hitting the 286 trails for a very fun 2 hours or so.  I felt pretty good on this ride, one of the first times out on 286 where my hips didn't hurt, I kept up a good pace throughout the ride and my back didn't get sore.  Since the weather has been getting hotter, I ended up finishing all my water (70 oz) in this ride and hitched a ride back home instead of biking back home! 

Slightly sketchy bridge!
Farm house entrance to the trail

Land of the Lost loop

Water crossings still are a challenge for me!

I did not make this turn

Very easy rock pathway

Interesting bridge

This Kessel Run was not as fun as the one in Fruita, CO

Beef satay and swiss chard sauteed- good dinner!


Anonymous said...

what, no pics of the camp food? ;)

bigpathan said...

I didn't take any good pictures of the food but I now have added one of the S'more even though my fingers look gigantic here!

Anonymous said...

just means the s'more was too small; time to have s'more! ;)

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