Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Run, bike, WOD

Yesterday, I tested out earbuds that can measure your heartrate while running laps outside, total of 2 miles of running. It felt like I hadn't run in forever, my legs felt heavy but I blame it on the fact that I gave blood on Monday and will probably be slower because of it. I was still feeling pretty lazy and tired so I volunteered to lead the beginner girls MTb ride at Lake Crabtree. Laura said I always had an excuse for going slow on Tuesdays and she is right, I push myself hard on the weekends and use Monday and Tuesday as recovery days. Still, it was fun leading this beginner group, they were interested in learning skills so I took them to Loop 5 on the trail where there are some logs and a skinny. I showed them how to lift their front wheel off the ground to get over the log and how to ride the skinny. And we agreed to come earlier next week to practice the drills I learned in my better clinic. I'm hoping they are serious about doing the drills because I need some other people around me to diligently do drills.
That was my Tuesday (Monday was a rest day). This morning, I got back to the gym and did this:
Run 200M
10 power cleans 75lbs
15 box jumps
5 rounds
I really wish I could go up in weight on the cleans but my legs still feel tired and now this evening I'm going to try hill repeats despite the tired leg feeling. We will see how I do!


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