Thursday, April 18, 2013

More running and Snatching

Last night Barbara and I did hill repeats at Umstead on the Reedy Creek Lake Trail. We did 6 x 0.2 mile repeats with 3:35 rest/walking intervals back down the hill in between. I was slower this time around but am aiming to do this again next week to compare my runs from 3/27 and this run.
Lap 1     01:55.9        9:41 min/mile pace
Lap 2     01:59.4        9:58
Lap 3     01:58.7        9:55
Lap 4     01:58.0        9:52
Lap 5     02:03.8        10:21 (had to stop to let a copperhead snake cross the trail!
Lap 6     01:56.9        9:46

This morning we worked on our 1 rep max for the snatch. I can do 63 lbs but I still don't squat all the way so I just stayed at 63 and worked on getting under and improving my form. Afterwards it was a mini-WOD:
Run 200M
30 double unders
10 ring dips (with a band)
3 rounds
I still can't do double unders in sequence but I got closer today and was able to string 2-3 before messing up. I practiced a little more after the WOD was over and was surprised how just 2 minutes of attempting double unders tired me out. So many things to work on!


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