Whenever a tree falls across a trail, you have 3 choices: let people figure out how to get over the tree, build a logstack or chainsaw the tree, the trail gnomes chose to build a log stack here.
Since Thursday I have done:
Rocky Road singletrack biking ~ 6.6 miles + 4 miles of greenway biking, on Rocky Road it was 1:15 minutes.
Friday: totally being lazy and doing absolutely nothing except my day job
Saturday: I jogged the 1.2 miles from my house to Umstead State Park and then ran 5.5 miles on the Company Mill in the morning. I have begun to feel like an asshole driving my Prius from my house to the park knowing that I am driving 1 mile when I can easily walk or jog 1 mile so I will try to make more of an effort to leave the car at home and use my own two working legs to get to the park.  In the afternoon, I mountain biked 286 for a total of 17.5 miles (including 2 miles of greenway).  it was both a great run and a great bike ride.
Sunday: Moutain biked Rocky Road again and finished in 1:09 and according to my bike computer 1:05 wheel turn time!  This was 6.6 miles of trail and 4 miles of greenway riding plus an extra 2 miles going to Harris Teeter for ~ 12.6 miles total.  My best time yet at Rocky Road and I wasn't even feeling that spry out there.

Sunday lunch: organic grass-fed ground beef 85/15 with spinach/chickpeas, a dollop of mint chutney and my mom's homemade naan, it's not pretty looking but it did taste very good.
As far as eating goes, I did try something different and that was compensating for all the calories I burned by eating close to the same amount.  This meant on Saturday, I ate over 3000 calories!  I think that gave me more energy to bike both Saturday and Sunday plus do the run.  We'll see how this goes, it's tricky trying to eat enough calories but not overdo the carbs.    I don't feel run down so I'm aiming to do a WOD tomorrow and some strength training since I haven't done any deadlifts or squats in a while now.


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