Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday WOD: metabolic burner

Mike finally came back to Forged Fitness to coach us and of course, gave us an interesting and hard workout:
First a 5 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 cleans 75 lbs (I tried squat clean but it was tough and switched to power cleans)
5 burpees
I did 5 rounds
then rest 2 min and AMRAP 5 min:
5 deadlifts  115 lbs
5 wall balls 14 lbs
I did 8 rounds
then rest 2 min and AMRAP 7 min:
7 box jumps
4 wall walks (get in a pushup position with feet firmly on the wall, and walk up the wall into a handstand position and walk back into a pushup position, repeat)
I did 3 rounds and 2 wall walks
For each set, you were not supposed to rest at all and just go, go, go but the wall walks were tough and I did have to rest for a few seconds in between!

Breakfast post-WOD: I added some extra fats today and had a small avocado with my scrambled eggs/brocolli/pepper jack cheese and chai.


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