Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forged Fitness and Hill Repeats!

Wednesday's WOD was interesting:
Run 800M
50 back extensions (supermans) with a 10 lb slamball
50 situps with a 10 lb slamball
3 rounds
I used a 10 lb slamball for the back extensions, holding it between my feet as I raised my legs and shoulders off the ground (i.e. trying to fly like superman or look like an upside-down insect, it's not the most dignified exercise).  Apparently I was the only one who used the slamball, the guys thought it was too hard to do with the 20 lb slamball and Karen used a light dodgeball which helped her form.  I then figured why not use the same slamball for the situps to make them weighted.

After it was over, I worked on mountain bike strength training:
kettlebell snatches 20 lbs
handstands against the wall
kettlebell front squat 35 lbs
Hanging leg raises

Interesting post from
He pretty much encapsulated the set of exercises you need to do to become a stronger/faster mountain biker:
Do 3 sets of 3:
front squats
shoulder press
farmer's walk
Turkish getup
I'm surprised he didn't include kettlebell swings!  I think the swings are more getting your hips stronger (important for mountain biking) but the six above are the best for overall strength for a mountain biker.

After work, there was more working out, doing hill repeats at Umstead with Lisa and Barbara and Edward:
0.20 miles up the Reedy Creek Lake Trail hill:
Lap 1   01:54.1   9:32 min/mile pace
Lap 2   01:52.7   9:25
Lap 3   01:47.4   8:58
Lap 4   02:03.3   10:18 (here the gps was acting funny, saying I didn't reach 0.20 miles even though I did so I had to keep running further up the hill)
Lap 5   01:55.7   9:40
Lap 6   01:58.8   9:56

I got slower on the last 2 laps!  I actually felt like I was going faster but I the timer doesn't lie.  Definitely need to keep working on the hill repeats.  They feel awful while we are doing them but great once it's over!
Good eats: post workout, I roasted an organic whole chicken with rutabagas.  Looks good! Plus my snacks for the day included Greek yogurt with thawed frozen berries and a raspberry/kale/Designer chocolate whey/coconut milk smoothie, both delicious and nutritious.

Lunch dessert: mixed berries with Greek yogurt, yummy.

Protein power shake: chocolate whey + kale + raspberries + unsweetened coconut milk

Organic roasted chicken rubbed in butter with rutabagas!


Anonymous said...

that chicken looks good!!! i think your blog name should be modified to add fod (food of the day) ;)

bigpathan said...

Chicken is pretty good, now I have another good dinner plan for visitors :), maybe it should Eat run bike WOD!

Anonymous said...

haha good title! then you have to post your meals :)

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