Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forged Again - a MetCon workout

Last night, I led the beginner group for the Ride Like a Girl meetup, I knew I wasn't up to riding fast since even biking on the greenway was hurting my legs (still tired from the races!).  So we broke up and I was the sweeper and there was one lone girl who was pretty much a true beginner and I ended up just riding with her for the rest of the ride.  So it was a slow pace ride that lasted about 90 minutes and she left smiling!  I am dedicating Tuesdays to helping more women get into mountain biking and sticking with it. Next on the list is Lisa, she can out-trail run me, and I am pretty sure she could out-mountain bike me once she is hooked.

This morning, I finally made it back to Forged Fitness and had a good MetCon (metabolic conditioning) workout:
Run 400M
Burpee broad jump (doing a burpee, do a broad jump, repeat) for 30M
20 Kettlebell swings (26 lbs, I went light today)
Time 14:35
Not too bad but my legs felt tired on the run. I'm still debating how much Crossfit I should be doing now that it's nice outside and I want to bike more now.


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