Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clean 1 rep max and deadlifts

It was a pretty good day at Forged Fitness:
Find your 1 rep max Clean
Then with a partner:
Deadlifts 1 to 10 reps then back 10 to 1 rep (110 reps @125 lbs)

I was able to do 95 lbs on the clean (squatting! Not a power clean) but anything above that was just not happening. I have a mental block in getting to and above 100 lbs. it's one of those things if I practiced a bunch at 95 lbs, I'd probably have more confidence going heavier but I already have to many other things to practice!
I did the deadlifts at 125 lbs and that felt good but not too easy. We didn't have time to do sit-ups so I will be doing those tonight with my 18 lb medicine ball.


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