I didn't have time to post it but I did bike last night at Lake Crabtree on the Tuesday night Ride Like a Girl mtn bike meetup.  I was pretty sore from all the squats and Forged Fitness WODs and volunteered to sweep the ride so it was a mellow pace.  In the end, I did almost 12 miles (counting the mileage on the greenway to get to and from home).  Fun stuff: I got over a log with excellent form doing a proper front wheel lift and I hit a tiny little dirt jump and officially got some air, I hope to actually photo-document these accomplishments in the future with the help of some indulgent friends.

Today, I skipped the morning WOD since I was still feeling a little sore but I still made it for hill repeats with Lisa and Edward at Umstead.  This time, there was 30 people running from the Capital Run/Walk Fitastic program on our regular hill so we picked a different hill to do our repeats. The hill on Old Reedy Creek road was not as steep the Lake Trail hill but it was still a good workout:
Warmup with a 1 mile jog then
Run 0.20 miles uphill, walk back down in 3:30 and repeat 6 times:
Lap 1 1:37  8:05 min/mile pace
Lap 2 1:54  9:31 min/mile
Lap 3 1:39  8:13 min/mile
Lap 4 1:42  8:31 min/mile
Lap 5 1:38  8:10 min/mile
Lap 6 1:38  8:10 min/mile
Cooldown 1 mile back to the parking lot.

I felt like I was struggling the first 4 laps and then felt better on the last two, the veggie sticks and dark chocolate acai blueberry snack I had before the run was not a good idea.
Other than these two snacks, the eating has been very healthy today, starting breakfast with roasted red pepper chicken sausage and brocolli with my chai. Lunch was organic ground beef with scallions, daikon radish, an English cucumber and 1 red bell pepper. I also snacked on 5 cashew clusters (1 serving), a banana and an orange and imbibed one diet Coke.  I think I might skip dinner because I feel pretty full but will still have my green tea.

Breakfast- kept me going for 5 hours

Took the lunch picture halfway through eating

I keep accidentally buying these at Costco- I need to stop this.


Anonymous said...

I can accidentally eat them for you.... ;) btw, try out Thin and Trim chicken sausages from Harris Teeter; they're only 70 cal each, lower sodium, all natural, no nitrites, low carbs as well.

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