Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday WOD and extra strength work

I had a good time at Forged Fitness this morning:
Run 800M
21 sumo Deadlift high pulls 55 lbs
15 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
3 rounds
I then rested for five minutes and did floor presses at 75 lbs: 8-7-6
I also attempted pull-ups buy jumping a little into the pull-up and got 3 singles this way.

I rested again for a couple minutes and worked on my back squats:
75 lbs 5 reps
85 lbs 5 reps
95 lbs 3 reps
I talked to Mike and told home I had a block going higher than 95 lbs because I wouldn't go all the way in depth squatting so he suggested trying a lighter weight and getting to the bottom and then bouncing up once to get up- this would force me to squat full and then use the bounce to pull myself up. I tried it with 75 lbs and did 2 sets of 5. My legs felt like they got a good workout from this. I am going to try it again and up the weight next week.

For breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 trader Joe's chicken sun-dried tomato sausage with collards and pepper jack cheese. I'm getting really good at using different greens now!

Lunch was a salad from Jason's deli, a mix of greens, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, chicken breast, apple slices, grapes and feta. Last night I had enchiladas and rice which I think helped me in the morning workout- giving me enough energy to do the WOD and the strength work.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday WOD: metabolic burner

Mike finally came back to Forged Fitness to coach us and of course, gave us an interesting and hard workout:
First a 5 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 cleans 75 lbs (I tried squat clean but it was tough and switched to power cleans)
5 burpees
I did 5 rounds
then rest 2 min and AMRAP 5 min:
5 deadlifts  115 lbs
5 wall balls 14 lbs
I did 8 rounds
then rest 2 min and AMRAP 7 min:
7 box jumps
4 wall walks (get in a pushup position with feet firmly on the wall, and walk up the wall into a handstand position and walk back into a pushup position, repeat)
I did 3 rounds and 2 wall walks
For each set, you were not supposed to rest at all and just go, go, go but the wall walks were tough and I did have to rest for a few seconds in between!

Breakfast post-WOD: I added some extra fats today and had a small avocado with my scrambled eggs/brocolli/pepper jack cheese and chai.

Whenever a tree falls across a trail, you have 3 choices: let people figure out how to get over the tree, build a logstack or chainsaw the tree, the trail gnomes chose to build a log stack here.
Since Thursday I have done:
Rocky Road singletrack biking ~ 6.6 miles + 4 miles of greenway biking, on Rocky Road it was 1:15 minutes.
Friday: totally being lazy and doing absolutely nothing except my day job
Saturday: I jogged the 1.2 miles from my house to Umstead State Park and then ran 5.5 miles on the Company Mill in the morning. I have begun to feel like an asshole driving my Prius from my house to the park knowing that I am driving 1 mile when I can easily walk or jog 1 mile so I will try to make more of an effort to leave the car at home and use my own two working legs to get to the park.  In the afternoon, I mountain biked 286 for a total of 17.5 miles (including 2 miles of greenway).  it was both a great run and a great bike ride.
Sunday: Moutain biked Rocky Road again and finished in 1:09 and according to my bike computer 1:05 wheel turn time!  This was 6.6 miles of trail and 4 miles of greenway riding plus an extra 2 miles going to Harris Teeter for ~ 12.6 miles total.  My best time yet at Rocky Road and I wasn't even feeling that spry out there.

Sunday lunch: organic grass-fed ground beef 85/15 with spinach/chickpeas, a dollop of mint chutney and my mom's homemade naan, it's not pretty looking but it did taste very good.
As far as eating goes, I did try something different and that was compensating for all the calories I burned by eating close to the same amount.  This meant on Saturday, I ate over 3000 calories!  I think that gave me more energy to bike both Saturday and Sunday plus do the run.  We'll see how this goes, it's tricky trying to eat enough calories but not overdo the carbs.    I don't feel run down so I'm aiming to do a WOD tomorrow and some strength training since I haven't done any deadlifts or squats in a while now.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forged Fitness and Hill Repeats!

Wednesday's WOD was interesting:
Run 800M
50 back extensions (supermans) with a 10 lb slamball
50 situps with a 10 lb slamball
3 rounds
I used a 10 lb slamball for the back extensions, holding it between my feet as I raised my legs and shoulders off the ground (i.e. trying to fly like superman or look like an upside-down insect, it's not the most dignified exercise).  Apparently I was the only one who used the slamball, the guys thought it was too hard to do with the 20 lb slamball and Karen used a light dodgeball which helped her form.  I then figured why not use the same slamball for the situps to make them weighted.

After it was over, I worked on mountain bike strength training:
kettlebell snatches 20 lbs
handstands against the wall
kettlebell front squat 35 lbs
Hanging leg raises

Interesting post from bikejames.com:
He pretty much encapsulated the set of exercises you need to do to become a stronger/faster mountain biker:
Do 3 sets of 3:
front squats
shoulder press
farmer's walk
Turkish getup
I'm surprised he didn't include kettlebell swings!  I think the swings are more getting your hips stronger (important for mountain biking) but the six above are the best for overall strength for a mountain biker.

After work, there was more working out, doing hill repeats at Umstead with Lisa and Barbara and Edward:
0.20 miles up the Reedy Creek Lake Trail hill:
Lap 1   01:54.1   9:32 min/mile pace
Lap 2   01:52.7   9:25
Lap 3   01:47.4   8:58
Lap 4   02:03.3   10:18 (here the gps was acting funny, saying I didn't reach 0.20 miles even though I did so I had to keep running further up the hill)
Lap 5   01:55.7   9:40
Lap 6   01:58.8   9:56

I got slower on the last 2 laps!  I actually felt like I was going faster but I the timer doesn't lie.  Definitely need to keep working on the hill repeats.  They feel awful while we are doing them but great once it's over!
Good eats: post workout, I roasted an organic whole chicken with rutabagas.  Looks good! Plus my snacks for the day included Greek yogurt with thawed frozen berries and a raspberry/kale/Designer chocolate whey/coconut milk smoothie, both delicious and nutritious.

Lunch dessert: mixed berries with Greek yogurt, yummy.

Protein power shake: chocolate whey + kale + raspberries + unsweetened coconut milk

Organic roasted chicken rubbed in butter with rutabagas!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday run, bike and WOD

I had a productive Tuesday but it did wear me out a bit. First was the 6 AM WOD:
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks
All at 75 lbs, 5 rounds
I thought this was going to be a medium hard workout but it turned out to be a really hard workout! Even the deadlifts started to feel heavy by the 2nd round. My hang cleans show my weakness in the pull to get the bar up but it was useful to practice this 45 times and figure out how to use my hips and legs to get the bar moving. The only problem is that I still manage to hit the bar against my collarbone to make it red on one side (see picture below)! It doesn't seem to hurt when I'm doing it and I only noticed when I got home and look at myself in the mirror :)

At lunchtime, I did some earbud heart rate monitoring testing and ran about 1.5 miles on the treadmill at varying speeds in 8 minute intervals. And after work I went on the Ride Like a girl mountain bike ride at Lake Crabtree. I got there early and practice the manual (coaster wheelie) and switchbacks in the parking lot using my speed cones.  It was fun getting 7 women to try switchbacks and practice wheelies.  It should turn out to be a weekly thing and a good way for me to practice my drills in biking!  The ride itself was pretty low key- I led the slower/beginner group which I'm liking more now because it gives me a chance to explain things and help them get their technique down instead of just racing through Crabtree. I figure I can save my hard rides for later in the week.

Catching the bar at my collarbone

Lunch eats: grass-fed ground beef with collards! I liked it even better with a little pepper jack cheese.

I had a pretty good weekend of hard physical work.  Saturday was a marathon weeding session around the yard and planting flowers and lugging old carpet the "convenience center" aka the dump.  My legs and stomach were sore from the Tabata workout on Friday and I moved a little slower than normal but it was okay.

Sunday was more gardening/weeding and then a really great mountain bike ride at New Light!  My second ride at New Light and I felt like I did better than the first time and didn't feel wiped out by the ride.  It was a lot of fun.  This trail has little flow but it makes up for it with tough climbs, rock gardens, about 20 rock piles and too many logstacks to count.  It took us about 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish ~ 9 miles.  I definitely couldn't have done this trail a year ago, all the extra strength training and skills clinic has really helped me.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tabata Friday and mountain biking

Thursday after work, I hit Rocky Road again and it was different experience from last week.  I think the combination of giving blood and just having that tired leg feeling made some spots on the trail really hard for me.  The bike ride kicked my ass but I was glad that I did it- especially since it is raining today.  It took us 1 hour and 18 minutes to finish the 6 miles (this includes me stopping to catch my breath or walk up a friggin' hill that I couldn't bike up).   This was the second week of Rocky Road, I'm really hoping I can do this every week.  One good thing- I can get over more logs and got this comment "you now go over logs with reckless abandon!". I'll take that as a compliment.

This morning, I went to Forged Fitness and despite not wanting to be there and being a little sleepy, I stuck with it and did all right:
Tabata WOD (for each exercise, work for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat 8 times and the round with your lowest # of reps is what counts) There is 1 minute of rest between each exercise.

Row for calories - 4 (5, 7x4 = 33 calories!)
Pushups - 7 (10, 10, 8, 7, 4x7 = 56 pushups)
KB Swings - 10 (8x10 = 80 swings)
Situps - 9 (8x9 = 72 situps)
Squats - 12 (8x12 = 96 squats, I'm going to be sore in 12 hours)

I like Tabata workouts, you can do this with almost anything, it actually makes treadmill running fun if you try it as a Tabata exercise. Plus I felt like I did a ton of work in 24 minutes!

Food wise- I've been pretty good this week but did indulge in a cupcake at work yesterday, it was okay and not as tasty as it looks below. 

Some very bright cupcakes

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More running and Snatching

Last night Barbara and I did hill repeats at Umstead on the Reedy Creek Lake Trail. We did 6 x 0.2 mile repeats with 3:35 rest/walking intervals back down the hill in between. I was slower this time around but am aiming to do this again next week to compare my runs from 3/27 and this run.
Lap 1     01:55.9        9:41 min/mile pace
Lap 2     01:59.4        9:58
Lap 3     01:58.7        9:55
Lap 4     01:58.0        9:52
Lap 5     02:03.8        10:21 (had to stop to let a copperhead snake cross the trail!
Lap 6     01:56.9        9:46

This morning we worked on our 1 rep max for the snatch. I can do 63 lbs but I still don't squat all the way so I just stayed at 63 and worked on getting under and improving my form. Afterwards it was a mini-WOD:
Run 200M
30 double unders
10 ring dips (with a band)
3 rounds
I still can't do double unders in sequence but I got closer today and was able to string 2-3 before messing up. I practiced a little more after the WOD was over and was surprised how just 2 minutes of attempting double unders tired me out. So many things to work on!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Run, bike, WOD

Yesterday, I tested out earbuds that can measure your heartrate while running laps outside, total of 2 miles of running. It felt like I hadn't run in forever, my legs felt heavy but I blame it on the fact that I gave blood on Monday and will probably be slower because of it. I was still feeling pretty lazy and tired so I volunteered to lead the beginner girls MTb ride at Lake Crabtree. Laura said I always had an excuse for going slow on Tuesdays and she is right, I push myself hard on the weekends and use Monday and Tuesday as recovery days. Still, it was fun leading this beginner group, they were interested in learning skills so I took them to Loop 5 on the trail where there are some logs and a skinny. I showed them how to lift their front wheel off the ground to get over the log and how to ride the skinny. And we agreed to come earlier next week to practice the drills I learned in my better ride.net clinic. I'm hoping they are serious about doing the drills because I need some other people around me to diligently do drills.
That was my Tuesday (Monday was a rest day). This morning, I got back to the gym and did this:
Run 200M
10 power cleans 75lbs
15 box jumps
5 rounds
I really wish I could go up in weight on the cleans but my legs still feel tired and now this evening I'm going to try hill repeats despite the tired leg feeling. We will see how I do!

Saturday was a road trip out to the Winston-Salem area to camp and climb at Pilot Mountain. I decided to head out earlier to check out some of the MTb trails close by: Moore's Spring trails in Willow Cove, NC. The trails were pretty cool- I only did the farm side because I wasn't sure if the 2 mile of trail across the road was open. These trails were "intermediate" level, with a lot of ridge line riding and a couple of sketchy bridges and rock gardens. This trail once again proved that I need to work on my turning/ switchbacks. I just get this feeling I'm going to fall off my bike going on a downhill tight turn. I didn't actually fall but I did blow it on two of the turns.  It was still fun and different from my local trails since the climbs are much longer and the terrain a little different.  Plus I saw only two other people out there the whole time which made for a very quiet ride in the mountains.  After  I finished riding, I headed to Pilot Mountain and set up camp with friends.  We grilled chicken and hot dogs on the charcoal grill and boiled rice and channa masala on a propane stove.  And then we made delicious S'mores on the grill. It was a really good Saturday.

Sunday morning, I lugged the climbing rope for them and hiked about 2 miles around Pilot Mountain before heading back home while my friends set up for climbing at Pilot.  Once I got home, I went to a mountain biking meeting which is definitely not as much fun as actual mountain biking but they fed us well (Mellow Mushroom Holy Shitake pizza) and we got caught up on the club activities and what new work needs to be done.  Afterward, we did actually go on a mountain bike ride- hitting the 286 trails for a very fun 2 hours or so.  I felt pretty good on this ride, one of the first times out on 286 where my hips didn't hurt, I kept up a good pace throughout the ride and my back didn't get sore.  Since the weather has been getting hotter, I ended up finishing all my water (70 oz) in this ride and hitched a ride back home instead of biking back home! 

Slightly sketchy bridge!
Farm house entrance to the trail

Land of the Lost loop

Water crossings still are a challenge for me!

I did not make this turn

Very easy rock pathway

Interesting bridge

This Kessel Run was not as fun as the one in Fruita, CO

Beef satay and swiss chard sauteed- good dinner!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday WOD As Many Rounds Possible

My lower back muscles are sore from yesterday's deadlifts and my forearms are a little sore from Rocky Road (I grip the handlebars too hard and am trying to not do that), but I still got up for the 6 AM Forged class and this is what I did:
In 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
Row 200M
20 Double unders (I did 70 singles, jump rope)
20 slamballs (20 lb ball)
20 plyo push-ups (place one hand on the slamball and the other hand on the floor, perform an explosive push up that allows you to transition the hand on the floor to the hand on the slamball. Repeat)

I managed to get 5 rounds in 20 minutes.  The hardest thing was the plyo push-ups, I still had to do them on my knees and break them up in sets of 6 and 4 to finish all 20.  On second thought, maybe that's why my forearms are tight and sore right now.  It was good to get the WOD in since it's pouring outside, meaning no biking today.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mountain biking In the evening

I decided to see if my legs had recovered from the weekend by biking Rocky Road. It was actually a pretty good ride, my back was a little sore from the 110 deadlifts this morning but a little stretching on the trail helped. We finished the 6+ miles in 1:15, my best time I think because I was trying to go as fast as I could as the sun set (didn't start till 6:30). It feels pretty awesome to do this trail in April and not feel like the trail beat me up. Maybe my goal should be to hit Rocky Road once a week to get used to this anaerobic trail.

It was a pretty good day at Forged Fitness:
Find your 1 rep max Clean
Then with a partner:
Deadlifts 1 to 10 reps then back 10 to 1 rep (110 reps @125 lbs)

I was able to do 95 lbs on the clean (squatting! Not a power clean) but anything above that was just not happening. I have a mental block in getting to and above 100 lbs. it's one of those things if I practiced a bunch at 95 lbs, I'd probably have more confidence going heavier but I already have to many other things to practice!
I did the deadlifts at 125 lbs and that felt good but not too easy. We didn't have time to do sit-ups so I will be doing those tonight with my 18 lb medicine ball.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forged Again - a MetCon workout

Last night, I led the beginner group for the Ride Like a Girl meetup, I knew I wasn't up to riding fast since even biking on the greenway was hurting my legs (still tired from the races!).  So we broke up and I was the sweeper and there was one lone girl who was pretty much a true beginner and I ended up just riding with her for the rest of the ride.  So it was a slow pace ride that lasted about 90 minutes and she left smiling!  I am dedicating Tuesdays to helping more women get into mountain biking and sticking with it. Next on the list is Lisa, she can out-trail run me, and I am pretty sure she could out-mountain bike me once she is hooked.

This morning, I finally made it back to Forged Fitness and had a good MetCon (metabolic conditioning) workout:
Run 400M
Burpee broad jump (doing a burpee, do a broad jump, repeat) for 30M
20 Kettlebell swings (26 lbs, I went light today)
Time 14:35
Not too bad but my legs felt tired on the run. I'm still debating how much Crossfit I should be doing now that it's nice outside and I want to bike more now.

One race down, one more race to go. I don't know why I thought I could do another combo race weekend - this time mountain biking on Saturday and trail running on Sunday. But I thought I could and I think I am paying for it now (it's Monday night now and my head hurts, my calves are sore and I've got low residual tiredness in my body).  I got home from the Warrior Creek race Saturday night 8:40 pm and was tired, really tired but I couldn't fall asleep. I think I finally went to sleep around 11 pm and woke up at 5:30 am to make breakfast before the Mountains to Sea 12 miler race. I got ready, ate 2 eggs with buttered toast (2 slices!) and the usual giant cup of chai.  Then I headed out and picked up Lisa.  We got to the Kohls and waited for the van to take us to the starting line.   It was freezing, there were too many people waiting for the vans and we ended up finally getting on one at 7:20 (we got there at 7 am).  Then at the starting line, I hurried over to get into another line for the portajohn! and it was a LONG line for 5 portajohns and it was about 7:57 when I finally got my turn (the race started at 8 am).  In the end, all three of us (met Barbara there) made it to the starting line in time and started the race.  We did a little lap around the road before entering the trail and we were slowly off.  I didn't even see Barbara (way ahead) and Lisa dropped me within the first 1/4 mile!  I was struggling the first 3 miles, my stomach hurt (two slices of bread was wrong, very wrong) and my calves were burning from the hills. 

I started feeling better after getting to the first aid station (~ 3 miles) and kept going.  There was a couple right behind me who talked and talked and I am always amazed that people can have conversations while they are running but it made me realize, we were all probably going pretty slow if they could have an all out conversation!  So I tried to pick up the pace and got far enough away from them that I couldn't hear them anymore and ended up running the next 3 miles by myself, it didn't feel like a race anymore, just me out running in the woods.  The trail was pretty nice, soft with pine needles and not very technical.  At the mile 6 aid station, I had some more water and kept on going, feeling like my pace was better.  At about 6.5 miles, I saw the first 50K runner heading towards me and just thought, damn that's a fast guy.  He even told me "Good job!".  The next 5.5 miles was me running into more 50K runners heading back to their finish line.  I overpassed 1 guy around mile 10 and then tripped on a root and fell into some scratchy bushes.  I ended up getting scraped on both legs from this fall and was glad that there was only one witness to my fall.  Nothing was broken or sprained so I got up and kept running. At about 10.5 miles, I had no energy and started feeling really tired.  I just kept plodding along though and finally finished in 2 hours and 43 minutes. I was disappointed in my finish time, I really thought the training I had been doing would have been enough to at least maintain a 12 min/mile pace but my average pace turned out to be 13:39 min/mile! I placed 205 out of 228 people.  Sigh.  I could blame it on the lack of sleep/lack of rest/mountain biking ~ 26 miles the day before but I really think I could have done better if I had trained better.  Maybe I can redeem myself next year.  After the race was over, Lisa asked me "when is our next race?", I said I didn't even want to think about another race until the fall. I think I need a break now.
Both Barbara and Lisa did great- Barbara finished in 1:57 and Lisa killed it at 2:15.  I think the hill repeats helped Lisa!

After the race was over, I went home, showered and slept for 3 hours straight. Then I got up, went to BurgerFi and enjoyed a single burger, some fries and a Chicago-style hot dog, then a parfait at Goodberrys! Yeah, I still treated myself despite my poor performance in this race :) I figured even though I was slow, I still burned an extra 1000 calories doing the race so I could be forgiven for eating a little extra.

The good things about this race:
1. Bull City Running does do a great job of organizing trail races, we got an awesome tech t-shirt and a cool pint glass for our troubles. 
2. The Mountains to Sea trail section we ran on was excellent, I loved being out there, there were many sections that run by lakes/streams and it was absolutely beautiful and inspiring to run there.
3. The post-race food was yummy: fruit/nut trail mix, bagels and cream cheese from Panera, potato chips, real Mountain Dew and Coke (the only time I'll drink sugary soda is in a long race), and coffee from Starbucks (not so much for me but I know others enjoyed it).  I think there was food at the aid stations but I didn't take any- which might have been a mistake, I probably should have had one Honey Stinger/gel but didn't.

I have not been posting much because I rested up on Thursday and Friday for the race weekend. First up was Saturday: 6 hours of Warrior Creek, a mountain bike endurance race which I entered in as a duo with Tammy (my second duo with her!) .  This race apparently sells out quick and when Tammy got the opportunity to get an entry off the waiting list, she asked me if I wanted to duo with her again. I said yes because
1) I wanted to see what the big deal was with this race that sells out in 30 minutes
2) I wanted to bike Warrior Creek since it had achieved IMBA's Epic trail status
3) Doing a duo would mean I wouldn't wipe myself completely and be too tired for the Mountains to Sea 12 miler trail run the next day!
4) Having excellent company (Tammy and her husband Steve) makes doing the race more fun

It did make for a long, tough weekend though, starting with the decision of driving there the morning of the race- getting up at 5 am and getting my stuff in the car and out of the house by 5:45 and settling in for a 2 hr 40 minute drive (plus two bathroom breaks).  I made it to Warrior Creek without any directional challenges and parked next to Tammy and Steve by 8:30 am, still 1 hour before the pre-race meeting.  Everything was in order, I had my heart rate monitor on and was indecisive about how many layers I was going to wear.  It was a little on the chilly side but it seemed to be warming up quick.  The pre-race meeting consisted of someone on a speaker telling us how the first lap would go and when the time constraint on the last lap of the day (must be started by 3:40 pm and finished by 5 pm to count).  The race started at 10 am as one big start and I settled in the way back for the first lap.  This first lap consisted of 1.5 miles on the pavement to spread people out but unfortunately that didn't really happen because once we got on the trail, it was like I-40 at rush hour with everyone going at 0.1 mph trying to get into the singletrack.  I found it funny, one guy said "this is the best group ride ever!", people laughed and then it started moving again.  We did a small section of singletrack and I was burning up in my light jacket so I took it off and stuffed it in my Hydrapak.  We came out on a road crossing and Tammy was there so I stopped and handed her my jacket because I was worried that the extra 0.5 lbs would slow me down and I still had 12.5 miles to go! I got going again but was way, way, way in the back.  The trail pretty much was my own for the most part until mile 6 when some juniors passed me and a couple of guys and one other woman.  This time, I really admired the juniors (all boys) who were racing, they all had impeccable trail manners. They asked if the could pass me, they said "good job!" and did a great job of letting me know they were there! It was awesome to see such young kids giving encouragement.  I digress though, the trails at Warrior creek are extremely well groomed and not technical at all until after mile 6 where there is a very short section of rock steps, that I successfully navigated but then I didn't have the energy to pump up to the top of the bridge so I had to walk up on the bridge and saw that it sloped down again so I got back on my bike and rolled down.  Here, I passed two guys and heard that one of them had fallen off the rock steps and down the sloping hill.  He was okay but his rear brake didn't work anymore.  I think post mile 6, I hit a berm and didn't look ahead out of the turn and basically crashed my bike into the berm and fell on my left side and simultaneously banged my right leg against my flat pedal.  That was my only crash of the day and was not too bad.

After that, the only "technical" stuff came between miles 8-10 where you had to navigate 3 rock gardens and a skinny bridge. All of this was fun to me but short-lived.  Then it was more climbing and then more freaking climbing for the last 2 miles. I had this impression that Warrior Creek was all flowy and it is in many sections but there are some decent climbs out there and I was not ready for so much climbing .  That first lap took me 2 hours and when I saw Tammy I told her that I wasn't sure if I wanted to do another lap because I felt wiped out. It was a different kind of riding and not something I was used to.  However as she went out for her lap, I went back to my car, ate some food (Veggie sticks, a chocolate whey protein shake, an orange and some Cliff Shot bloks), and I started to feel better.  Tammy also had a tough time out there (she also had never been on the trail and got vertigo from riding the ridgelines) and when she rolled back in, I was ready for my  second lap hoping I wouldn't hate the climbing as much this time around.  The second lap did feel better than the first because I knew what was coming, I still got nervous on the really bermy sections and there were 3 times when a faster rider was right behind me on sections that were like 4 berms in a row (double S turns?) and I felt bad that they could not pass but also I didn't want to stop in the middle of a berm.  I did for one guy and that sucked because I went up the berm and got myself stuck by not turning and there is something to be said about letting momentum carrying you. The best part of the second lap was the photographer in the rock garden section; he got pictures of me clearing the rock section (pictures have not been posted up yet), I can't wait to see them because it is evidence that I did this section on my bike and did not dab once!  I got back to the start/finish line by 4 pm so we missed the cutoff to do a fourth lap but that was okay with me.  This was a totally different beast than the 6 hour endurance race at Harris Lake and I don't think I really thought of a strategy or a way to do this race.  One thing I should have done is pre-ride the course and practiced more climbing at Umstead to get ready for this type of race because it was more cardio and much less about technical abilities. 

I am very glad I did it as a duo with Tammy though.  It really helped to have a partner and not have to deal with the mental angst of just racing against yourself and I needed to have the break that being a duo offers.  So race results- in the end we came up 14 out of 15 female duos. There was a strong field and I know a number of the women racing have coaches, raced here before and were just stronger riders (damn all that cardio) but it was still a lot of fun.

Things I know I have to work on now if I want to continue in this type of trail race:
1) Improve acceleration/cardio/short uphill intervals
2) Using momentum to get through the berms and not brake so much
I'm sure if I had a coach, there would be 8 other things to improve on. One good thing though- my hips didn't hurt during the race and I didn't any electrolyte issues.  I did still get hungry and had to have one snack (Honey Stinger Gel) during each lap.

After the race was over, they served us a nice bbq meal (picture below) and then we packed out to head home. I got home around 8:45 and was ready for bed since I was going to have to get up again the next morning at 5:30 for my 8 am 12 mile trail run (post to come)!

Thanks to Tammy's husband Steve for the pictures below:

I'm somewhere all the way in the back!

I remembered to smile

Berms are in my future

I didn't have time to post it but I did bike last night at Lake Crabtree on the Tuesday night Ride Like a Girl mtn bike meetup.  I was pretty sore from all the squats and Forged Fitness WODs and volunteered to sweep the ride so it was a mellow pace.  In the end, I did almost 12 miles (counting the mileage on the greenway to get to and from home).  Fun stuff: I got over a log with excellent form doing a proper front wheel lift and I hit a tiny little dirt jump and officially got some air, I hope to actually photo-document these accomplishments in the future with the help of some indulgent friends.

Today, I skipped the morning WOD since I was still feeling a little sore but I still made it for hill repeats with Lisa and Edward at Umstead.  This time, there was 30 people running from the Capital Run/Walk Fitastic program on our regular hill so we picked a different hill to do our repeats. The hill on Old Reedy Creek road was not as steep the Lake Trail hill but it was still a good workout:
Warmup with a 1 mile jog then
Run 0.20 miles uphill, walk back down in 3:30 and repeat 6 times:
Lap 1 1:37  8:05 min/mile pace
Lap 2 1:54  9:31 min/mile
Lap 3 1:39  8:13 min/mile
Lap 4 1:42  8:31 min/mile
Lap 5 1:38  8:10 min/mile
Lap 6 1:38  8:10 min/mile
Cooldown 1 mile back to the parking lot.

I felt like I was struggling the first 4 laps and then felt better on the last two, the veggie sticks and dark chocolate acai blueberry snack I had before the run was not a good idea.
Other than these two snacks, the eating has been very healthy today, starting breakfast with roasted red pepper chicken sausage and brocolli with my chai. Lunch was organic ground beef with scallions, daikon radish, an English cucumber and 1 red bell pepper. I also snacked on 5 cashew clusters (1 serving), a banana and an orange and imbibed one diet Coke.  I think I might skip dinner because I feel pretty full but will still have my green tea.

Breakfast- kept me going for 5 hours

Took the lunch picture halfway through eating

I keep accidentally buying these at Costco- I need to stop this.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ladder workout, run and MTB training

This morning's WOD was good:
In 7 minutes:
3 clean and jerks 75 lbs
3 toes to bars
Then 6 of each, then 9, then 12
Rest 5 minutes then
1 mile run
I finished 6 of the 12 clean and jerks at the 7 minute mark and did the run in 10:36.
Still feeling a little sore from yesterday but I stuck around for some MTB training:
Uni KB snatch 25 lbs
Leg raises
Goblet squats 35 lbs Kettlebell
Handstand push-ups (attempts!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

After work run Company Mill

I went straight to Umstead after work and met up with Lisa for a run on Company Mill. We need 2 more runs before the race on Sunday and today was one of those runs. Lisa pulled me for the first 2 miles and then I pulled her for the next 2 miles and then we both kept up a strong pace for the last 1.5 miles! We ended up doing 5.5 miles in exactly 1 hour- progress for both of us. It felt like a tempo effort. Now it's 10:30 pm and I can feel the DOMS setting in my legs due to the 150 wall balls from this morning. Foam rolling is due!
Food: Breakfast was a leftover pancake from yesterday. Lunch was ground beef with cabbage and eggplant plus a fresh red bell pepper. Snacks were an orange, a banana, berries with Greek yogurt and 5 cashew clusters. Dinner was a salmon burger with petit green beans and fresh mozzarella (see below) and dessert was a bowl of defrosted raspberries and marscapone cheese! Delicious.

I was back at Forged Fitness today and suffered through two of my least favorite exercises: wall balls and box jumps.
The warmup was 20 burpees, 20 squats and 20 sit-ups. Then:
Row 400M
30 wall balls 14 lbs
30 box jumps (I did step ups 20" box)
5 rounds
This was an all cardio, high intensive workout and I feel like my endurance pace had worsened. We shall see how the rest of the week turns out.