Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Squat Snatch and burpees

This was a hard WOD, due to the fact that my legs were already kind of worked over from squatting and lunging at 7 pm the night before and then doing this WOD at 6 am!
As many rounds as possible in 15 min:
10 snatch squats 44 lbs
10 burpees
I did 6 rounds but it was hard, hard to go into a full squat while snatching and hard to do the burpees after the snatches!

Afterward, I worked on my mtb strength training program:
One arm kettlebell swings 26 lbs
Hanging leg raise (making an L with my body)
Goblet Squats 35 lbs
Eccentric handstand press (I got into a handstand and managed a 1/4 press before falling down!)
Alternate shoulder press 20 lb dumbbells
Inverted row
Overall effort was a 10 and rate of perceived exertion was 7-8. Today felt pretty hard. 


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