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San Lee Trail Half Marathon 03/16/13

Storm Endurance sponsored the race

I signed up for another running race even though I was not prepared for it really. Mainly I signed up because I thought it would be fun to do a half-marathon and a bike race in the same weekend at San Lee Park- I like this format, basically pushing myself two days in a row on two of my favorite activities, plus it was on one of the best trails in the Triangle that doesn't get enough love (something about it being SO FAR AWAY FROM RALEIGH). It's not really far away but it is a 40-45 minute drive and there is not much else to see there but we come for the trails.

Saturday was the San Lee Trail Half-marathon and it covered some of the hiking trails and all of the mountain biking trails. There were only 31 people in this race! We started off in the parking lot and ran up past the main building on the right and turned left up the hill.  Then we hit the first trail off the right at the top and that looped us around for 1 mile until we got back on the road and turned right onto the mountain biking trails.

Smallest race for me.
RD: Allison Rhyne
I pretty much ran this first part with 4 other women who were going about my pace.  In the first 1/2 mile on the mtb trail, one of them took a pretty good fall, she rolled over 2 times and managed to get up safely. It was actually an excellent fall, she didn't try to use her hands (and wrists) to stop her self and ended up just getting back up and started to run again.  Eventually, all 4 of them overtook me, but I caught up to them again at mile 5 and kept up a good lead on them until after that.  There was an aid station at mile 4.75 where I ate a GU strawberry banana  and drank a cup of water.
Finisher medal and bottle
Gotta keep moving!
There was another aid station at mile 8.8 and I had the same thing there because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it without any more sugar.  Eating GU was not the right decision, I'm definitely not used it and my stomach was hurting a little bit in the last 2 miles.  At the 5 mile marker, I had company- David. He ended up running the rest of the way with me and keeping me occupied with conversation about his wife, his badass mountain biker teen son, and telling me about his coach and the kind of training he was doing.  It was nice having someone to pace with since my legs were feeling heavy by mile 11. 

The rocky sections of The Gauntlet and Free Fall were just as hard running as it is biking those sections.  I pretty much walked most of Free Fall since I didn't want to hurt my feet (wearing MERRELL Pace Glove Shoes (Black)).  And running on the Mega Jump section was not so much fun.  This is a rolling section that is awesome when biking but running was tough, it was just up and down, up and down and up and down.  The cruelest part was at the end of the mountain biking trail where we saw the Finish line but still had another mile to go back in the woods and pop out near the playground to finish. At this point, David got ahead of me and ended up finishing eleven seconds faster than me!  As I crossed the finish line, at 2:50:32, I thought I felt pretty good but my calves started to cramp up immediately and I was just in pain for about 30 minutes until it subsided.  I have never had that much calf pain before but it is most likely due to lack of training!

I sat down in the grass post-race and massaged my calves
At the finish line, they had real Coke for us plus oranges, cookies and pretzels.  Overall it was a pretty awesome time. Here is a breakdown of my score for this race:
Weather: A+ cloudy and in the high 60s
Nice T-shirt!

T-shirt: B+, I liked the design but wish they offered a women's cut
Race reward 1: A+ a handmade finisher medal from Ouida's Antiques and Pottery
Race reward 2: A+ a very nice stainless steel water bottle with the San Lee Trail Logo
Race route: A, this is a great trail if you like ups and downs and more ups and downs and if you love rocks and more rocks and 5 creek crossings that get your feet wet, I did.
I only noticed my injury when I got home, at one point a really sharp piece of wood hit the back of my right foot and scraped me up. I'm not sure how I kicked up the piece of wood to hit me.
My stats for this race: 13.1 miles in 2:50, with an average heartrate of 174 bpm and a max heartrate of 186 bpm.  I can't believe I kept my heartrate around 174 +/- 5 bpm for this long.

Post-race eats: blackberries and marscapone!
Symmetrical injury

Race video! I'm in here looking ungraceful and slow but it's proof I was there and did it! Very cool of Donn Otte (the master trailbuilder for San Lee) to take time out to record this race.


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Ouch, that almost looks like a snake bite! Hope you're walking ok after this grueling weekend :-)

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