Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running Hill Repeats

I was going to use the excuse of recovery to take another day off from training but Lisa texted me and forced me to get up and go to Umstead for some hill repeats.  We jogged down from the Harrison entrance to the Reedy Creek Lake Trail and started from the bridge and ran uphill for a 1/4 mile and walked back to the bridge for the rest period (~4 min rest).  I thought we were going to be able to do 5 repeats of this but after the first one, both of us felt like we got our asses kicked and knew it was going to be a tough workout.  In particular, I realized that my left hip felt like it was slightly misaligned when I tried running uphill and realized that the half-marathon left me with some residual aches and pains that didn't show up until I tried running again.  The last 3 repeats felt better than the first but it was a hard day for both of us:
Round 1 0.25 mi   2:21       9:27/mile
Round 2 0.25 mi   2:18       9:16/mile
Round 3 0.25 mi   2:21       9:27/mile 
Round 4 0.25 mi   2:25       9:42/mile


Anonymous said...

Lisa the slave driver; she's learning a lot from you ;-)

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