Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Post races: Feeling good

Saturday, after the trail half marathon, my body was stiff and sore till 9 pm. I walked like an 80 year old woman and the sides of my legs felt strained- new muscles had worked that day. I woke up Sunday feeling pretty good with only a little soreness in my hamstrings.

I made it to San Lee for the MTb race about 70 minutes before the start of the race. Another guy who had run the half marathon asked me how I felt (wish I could remember who he was) and I told him I felt okay but my only expectation for the MTb race was to finish! He said the same. Post Bouldergeist, I was tired and a little sore but no where near the pain level I felt on Saturday. Come Monday, I was feeling pretty good but took the day off since my heartrate averaged over 170 bpm for over 4 hours total during the races. I didn't realize my legs were tired until I tried to walk up 2 flights of stairs today- yeah, another rest day is in order.


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