I'm attending the IMBA-SORBA summit in Woodstock, GA and learning a lot about how trails get built and how complicated our government can be with regards to recreational use of state and federal land. I also learned that mountain bikers are health conscious: lunch was a roast beef wrap with arugula, an apple and a little bit of pasta with feta and sun-dried tomatoes. I ended not eating the pasta (not crazy about feta) and was just surprised by the lack of chips and cookies!

But the best part about going to a biking summit is that they schedule rides into the agenda! We rode on trails today that were in Woodstock: Olde Mill park- Taylor Randahl trail system, a nice network of beginner and intermediate singletrack. Since they have so much traffic here, the trails are directional so today we took all lefts. Compared to the Triangle trails, I'd say it was on the same skill level as Crabtree with the only difference being way more ridge line singletrack and a little bit more elevation. We did about 8.4 miles total. It was the first time I was on the bike since Bouldergeist and my legs felt weak. It took about 3 miles before I started to feel warmed up but it was great to ride. If the weather holds out, we will ride another local trail system tomorrow and hit Mulberry Gap on Sunday. And listen to some more talks about trail liability issues and building more trails!


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