After feeling tired on Thursday and Friday, I was surprised with how much energy I had this weekend. I guess my body was just trying to tell me to rest and it did it by not giving me any energy on Friday so I had to just recuperate!
Saturday: Meltdown at Harris Lake
This was a 6 hour endurance mountain bike race and I participated as a duo female with Tammy.  Basically, one person rides the course and then switches off with their partner and then the total laps and time is your overall score.
I did the first lap, and then we alternated, in the total we did 7 laps (me 4, Tammy 3), with each lap being 7 miles of singletrack at Harris Lake State park.  It was much more fun than I expected, I haven't had much endurance when I tried this in the past but this time, the breaks I had when Tammy was out riding a lap were just right for me to grab a snack and drink some water.  I didn't carry anything when I was out doing my laps (no Camelbak full of water/supplies!) and this was liberating.  The course at Harris eliminated the drop zone so nothing was technically hard and it was mostly a fast course with parts that were just tight and twisty (so you had to slow down unless you can show me how to speed on this stuff)
Our lap times:
Lap 1 (S):  45:29
Lap 2 (T): 48:19
Lap 3 (S): 49:48
Lap 4 (T): 49:51
Lap 5 (S): 49:00
Lap 6 (T): 53:44
Lap 7 (S): 50:39
Not bad!  And since we had no competition, we got first place in our category :).
Both of us were pretty consistent and turned out to be evenly matched in terms of pace.  If she is free for the race at Crabtree in April, I am probably going to do duo again with her. 
I ended up eating two bananas, 8 graham crackers and 2 Sport jelly beans and 100 ounces of water over the 6 hours and it was perfect for 4 laps.  I think the only thing that hurt by the end of the race was my left wrist which means I need to adjust the grip on my handlebars.  Other than that, my back felt great and my legs were not overly sore or tired.

On Sunday, I ran Company Mill with Lisa, we did the 6 miles of trail about 78 minutes, consistent with last week's run.  I'm not sure if I am ready for a half-marathon but I know I won't die out there now.  I waited about two hours post-run to mountain bike Rocky Road with more friends.  Rocky Road is a tough 6 miles but it's getting easier every time (never thought I'd be able to say that).  My climbing was better and my balance was better but still need to work on my speed (as in get faster). I also need to improve my wheelies to get over the logs without hitting the bottom bracket on my bike.  What a great Sunday! What a great weekend! Both sets of friends think I'm odd for doing this much but the reality is that if I have the energy, this is what I'd be doing all the time.


Spydersmom said...

I had a blast racing with you at Harris, and look forward to teaming up again at 6WC!

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