Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hill Sprints One More Time

Hills sprints at Umstead are fun?
This Wednesday night, I went back to Umstead to face the Reedy Creek Lake trail hill again, hoping it wouldn't hurt as much as last week and it didn't with a few fixes.  This time, Lisa and Edward joined me in the hill sprints and we shortened it to 0.20 miles instead of 0.25 miles.  The first lap made me hurt and reconsider the distance but we stuck with it. 
6 laps on the hill and then 2 laps getting back to the parking lot and 3:30 rest in between intervals:
Lap 1: 8:31 min/mi pace
Lap 2: 9:12 min/mi
Lap 3: 9:06 min/mi
Lap 4: 9:28 min/mi
Lap 5: 9:02 min/mi
Lap 6: 9:19 min/mi
Lap 7: 8:50 min/mi (less steep)
Lap 8: 8:25 min/mi (flat and lovely)

According to my Garmin this came up to an Active period of 25:11 and 2.56 miles and a rest period of 28:00 with 1.33 miles.  In theory I burned up 386 calories but I'm beginning to believe that I don't actually burn my estimates since whenever I compensate with extra food, it just accumulates on me!  So now I try to underestimate how many calories I burn exercising so MyFitnessPal doesn't trick me into thinking I can eat more (it bases your nutrient needs on your basal metabolic rate + any exercise expenditures you make, so more calories should be eaten the days you exercise). 

So far, MyFitnessPal has been great for assessing how much I'm eating in terms of carbs, protein and fat - and making me realize that some days I don't get enough protein but none of its predictions on calorie uptake versus weight have panned out for me and it's been more than 3 months since I started recording daily what I eat.  I pretty much have swung up and down 3 lbs and I'm on the downswing again because I'm no longer in a chocolate frenzy.  I am learning which foods I'm more sensitive to and when I can eat bread (rarely!) or sweets but really, the best thing for me is to eliminate certain foods completely. I found that having them around sometimes just means I start off conservative (1 or 2 Dove chocolates) but then go hog-wild if I have a bad day or if my hormones are peaking at the right time of the month!  So I'm still learning and reminding myself to be healthier every day. 

Best snack so far: Cascadian organic berry mix 1 cup + 1 cup of greek yogurt, this packs in a ton of protein and the sweetness from the berries satisfies my taste buds.


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