Friday, March 8, 2013

Bench press and food on my mind

I took Thursday off because my energy was low and my legs still felt "tired".  Friday rolled along and I was still tired, so much so that I slept an extra hour (maybe not getting enough sleep Monday and Tuesday night had something to do with it).  By Friday evening, I was still feeling a bit tired and unmotivated but made myself go down to the basement and belt out my bench press routine:
10 reps @45 lbs warmup
5 reps @65 lbs
3 reps @75 lbs
6 reps @85 lbs
I tried to do some presses afterward but felt dizzy and uncoordinated so I quit at that point.  I hope it's just an off day and I'm not getting sick since I signed up for a 6 hour mountain bike race tomorrow!  I'm resting up now.

As for my diet and eating habits this week, I can't say I've been very good. I'm somewhere in the middle since I indulged in some chocolate ganache tart and sacrificed my healthy lunch for some nasty biscuits at Bojangles (it was a work thing but that isn't a great excuse).  I discovered that the steak biscuit at Bojangles was edible and that the egg & cheese biscuit was nasty. I still ate both of them though and that comes out to 1100 calories!  My daily recommended calorie allowance is about 1500-1700 calories so I went a little overboard today.  Yesterday was better when I had salmon with artichoke hearts and bell peppers.  I have realized that keeping a regular routine of eating food I prepare at home guarantees better success, I'm just not very good at keeping on track when I eat out.  And if I do eat out, I have to exercise pretty hard the same day to just maintain an even balance (but it doesn't seem to matter how much I exercise, I don't get a free pass to eat whatever I want).  


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