Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back squats, lunges and fueling up

I did the bare minimum strength workout today:
Back Squats
10 reps @45 lbs warmup
5 reps @75 lbs
3 reps @85 lbs
6 reps @95 lbs
My legs were still feeling a little weak from the weekend and Monday's workout, I wish I had tried to do more reps at 95 lbs but it is what it is.
Then Walking lunges with 2x30 lb kettlebells:
20 lunges x 3 sets
Then Abmat situps - 90 with an 18 lb medicine ball.

Post workout meal was outstanding homemade Pakistani fare with a twist: the last kebab in the freezer, curried okra and instead of rice - cauliflower/carrots that was cooked and used as my "rice" base. So easy and so delicious.  The cauliflower/carrot combo is just chopped up in a food processor and then cooked in some olive oil with onions and spices.  This is the best replacement I've seen and tasted for rice/the standard carb side you would have with meat and veggies. 

A kebab, curried okra and cauliflower/carrot "rice"


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