I felt pretty good today and worked hard during the WOD:
Power cleans 75 lbs
Toes to Bar (hang on the bar, and pivot to get your toes to touch the bar)
Burpees (YAY!)
Time 20:49
My average heartrate during the WOD was 176 bpm with a max of 190 bpm (not sure why it doesn't show the 190 on the graph below though). I was working pretty hard during the entire workout but hardest during the power cleans.

I also did my mtb strength training:
Turkish get-ups - I did 2 reps with a 35 lb kettlebell!!!! It's amazing how much better I do if I get a little coaching (Jason).  I wasn't swiping my leg back correctly which made it hard to do the move correctly. Plus I kept my eyes focused on the kettlebell the entire time which helped stabilize myself.
Slamballs 20 lbs
Head bridge
close hand pushups
Hanging knee raises
Kettlebell sumo deadlift (70 lbs)
Dumbbell rows 25 lbs


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