Sunday, February 24, 2013

Umstead training ground

The weekend has been a mix of sloth and high activity.  Friday night saw a travesty in eating: Chili's mushroom swiss burger with fries and chips/guacamole.  I think I ate enough calories that MyFitnessPal came back and told me that if I ate like this every day (3054 calories), I'd be 144 lbs (I'm holding steady at 136 lbs right now)!  Fortunately, I don't eat at Chili's every day so one day of bad eating won't land me in a hole I can't get out of.  The burger was pretty damn good though and I don't regret eating it!

Saturday was rainy, rainy and cold.  I wasn't motivated to do anything but did finally end up at least doing my strength work:
Bench press
10 reps @45 lbs warmup
5 reps @65 lbs
3 reps @75 lbs
5 reps @85 lbs
I didn't do any accessory work but am still on track for the strength program.

Sunday was all about Umstead!  The weather was gorgeous but the trails were all muddy which meant I stayed on the bridle trails.  Still damp/wet but rideable and runnable.  I did a long, easy, easy run to remind my legs and feet what it was like to do 9 miles but at a very, very easy pace, monitoring my heart rate and keeping it below 145 bpm (staying in my base zone).  I had an average pace of 13:39 min/mile! Damn slow but recovery was excellent and allowed me to go on a bike ride after lunch.

I didn't track my heart rate during the bike ride, my only goal was to keep up (as best as I could) with John doing the Umstead loop.  I rode from home and ended up with 22.9 miles with an average pace of 10 mi/hr.  Not bad, my legs didn't hurt during the ride and climbing felt better today.   Now if I can translate that energy and speed on singletrack! 

I love Umstead, it's the perfect place to be on sunny Sunday. It really is the jewel of Raleigh.  Overall awesome day doing some recovery running and hill work for biking.  I hope I can keep up the momentum and be ready for the races in March and April.  And my definition of ready is really just finishing the races since at this point, I'm not going to be making any personal records in either the trail races or mountain biking races.  I still vacillate from wanting to do races and never wanting to do another race again.  I'll see how I feel again post-April after 2 trail races and 1 mountain bike race!


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