Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday basement workout

It was a cold, rainy, snowy Saturday so I worked out in the basement today.  I decided to do some overhead squats because I'm not strong at all in this move and it would really help me to improve my snatch if my overhead squats were more stable.  The only thing that sucked was that at 45 lbs, I can squat deep but you can tell from the video that I need to improve my squat depth when I go heavier.  I also did some barbell rows to work on my upper back and lats.  Then 36 minutes on the bike trainer, it was about all I could take today. 
The basement gym is coming along- I got bumper plates finally and it looks like even with ceiling tiles, I can get the bar overhead without hitting anything! Hopefully in the next couple of months, I can fix up the basement with some mats and perhaps a olympic lifting platform if I get my construction skills up to speed.

Basement WOD:
# sets x # of reps
Overhead squats
5x5 45 lbs
3x3-4 65 lbs (still hard for me)

Barbell row
6x6 65 lbs

15 dips broken out over the entire workout, no band assist

Indoor bike trainer
36 minutes in my base zone (all aerobic) average heart 135 bpm
10 mph and 6.1 miles


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